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How to Prioritize MVP Features
19 January, 2024
How to Prioritize MVP Features in 2024 & Beyond

In the current world of ever-evolving product development and tech startups, coming up with a successful software product, particularly a minimum viable product (MVP), is a complex task involving critical decision-making at every phase. You need to come up with wonderful ways of managing ideas and technical and human resources. Current statistics imply that many…

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Intermittent Fasting App Development
8 July, 2023
Intermittent Fasting App Development: Guide

The healthcare industry is growing technologically thanks to technological implementations such as developing healthcare applications. With the growing need for healthy lifestyles, apps are under development, spanning different healthcare sectors. For instance, intermittent fasting is…

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pet care app development
4 July, 2023
How to Develop a Pet Care App: Features and Cost

The pet owners have to be careful about the wellbeing of the animals as it is hard for animals to communicate their troubles and pain. People’s attitude towards their pets has improved a lot over…

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Flutter App Development Cost
6 June, 2023
Flutter App Development Cost in 2024: Costing Breakdown

Mobile applications are popular these days with the ability and capacity to transform our lives by offering us the necessary comfort and convenience in our everyday lives. As demand increased, Google successfully expanded the mobile phone…

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Interior Design App Development
5 June, 2023
Interior Design App Development Cost, Features

The mobile app development sector is flourishing, with new applications being created daily to meet various demands and market niches. The interior design industry is one such area that has experienced tremendous growth recently. Interior…

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App Store Optimization
1 June, 2023
App Store Optimization Guide

One of the prettiest places you will always rush for when you need the education, gaming, or informative application is the app store. The app store is one of the most significant channels that will…

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virtual jewellery try-on app
23 March, 2023
How to Build a Virtual Jewellery Try on the App

With the advent of online buying and retail, clients were used to the convenience and round-the-clock customer service they often lacked in the pre-digital period. While many retail categories saw success with digital channels, high-end…

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prevent android app reverse engineering
22 February, 2023
How to Prevent Android App from Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a technique used by software engineers, i.e. attackers, to obtain a source code of an application, disassemble, analyze, and rebuild the principle of the android application, check for the internal working of…

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SOS App Development
16 January, 2023
How to Build SOS Mobile Application

An SOS mobile application aims to improve the safety and security of all individuals, mainly when alone, so they feel more assured. A woman's usage of an SOS or emergency app is often assumed. However,…

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App Modernization Best Practices
13 January, 2023
App Modernization Best Practices in 2024

Application modernization is a solution to accelerate the digital transformation journey of any organization. The market presents an ever-changing scenario that requires organizations to undergo a shift in their processes and workflows. Most organizations have…

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Food Waste Management App Development
20 October, 2022
Food Waste Management App Development

With the increasing availability of food, the problem of food waste has intensified. Ironically, both hunger and food waste are on the rise. It simply implies that we do not lack food but rather the…

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Virtual Job Fair Platform Development
22 September, 2022
Virtual Job Fair Platform Development

There have been hundreds of job fairs lately, with participation from firms of all sizes. Participation in a virtual job fair makes connecting with recruiters, hiring managers, and career consultants easy. Employers often gather resumes…

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