Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality Apps Development in 21st Century

Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality Apps Development in 21st Century

Presently Augmented Reality has turned out to be one the next massive moves in the application development sector. Whatever we observe in the surrounding is actually the world in its greatest natural form whereas the concept of Augmented Reality is exactly opposite of this. Basically, Augmented Reality apps development adopts a dual mixture of digital as well as the real world that provides a foundation to the new world. The concept works to add advancement to several components such as pictures & images, sound, motion along with GPS data in order to let the view appear more appealing as well as informative. In general, augmented reality signifies an enhanced view of reality through augmenting the components or elements in perspective to the environment. Through the assistance of this app development, users now find themselves in the center of a digitally manipulating and interactive environment which could be entirely masked to the real world.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Augmented Reality apps development in a different area:


Augmented Reality apps development is useful in modern day surgeries:

The concept of augmented reality is significant in modern-day surgeries. The relevant application development offers the patient’s records in a manner which can simplify the task of doctors and allows them to understand the disease of patients easily. Digital X-ray view depended on previous computerized tomography (CT) or real images gained from ultrasound, analyzing the position of a tumor seen inside an endoscope video, etc. gets accomplished by the app development. Moreover, for expectant mothers, there is a provision available to observe the position as well as the size of the fetus more clearly, and this is being supported by AR application development.

Assists children to be more expressive and interactive: 

One recent study carried out at the University of Washington revealed that augmented reality gaming could essentially assist “at risk” students. Such students could make their own virtual reality world in which they get improved control over the make-believe situations. Moreover, they could also come forward as winners thus providing them a sense of satisfaction and ownership at the completion of the play.

Shared gaming experience enhances socialization:

The concept of AR (augmented reality) app development functions to bring people together socially. For instance, Pokemon Go is a classic example of AR in games. The game has actually helped the society a lot by conveying players together. The game demands you to come out of your houses, and they begin intermingling with some other players whom they might or else ignore. It is known that the factor has assisted players with depression, concern, or autism, etc.   

Personal Experience:

Once combined with any of your social media applications, the AR app development could transform as a personal experience with coupons/offers received from shops you prefer and sites you please going to – thus a marketers’ dream gets fulfilled. This advantage of AR app development can prove to be extremely valuable to PROs when attempting to attain their target market because the displays are perceived only by a single user, increasing the probability of making rich and personal experiences for every resident of a shared space. IN present time, people are finding, purchasing, rating, cooperating, and utilizing social media is essentially a pressure-free environment. It is found that this could provide PROs fresh opportunities because this usage is producing a huge amount of raw, but precise data regarding consumer preference. Besides that, by assimilating this information, a person can sort through to the people who are actually interested in his/her product or service.

Simplifies Shopping hassles:

Development of augmented reality application for iOS and Android platforms ascertains the new experience for offline and online shopping. It is now possible that the virtual fitting rooms benefit the users in getting the appropriate size, reducing the total number of returns. The same thing applies well to the color of new car or furniture inside your house. Vendors could now develop custom augmented reality apps which are essentially tailored to their brands in order to sever the improved experiences to their clients. In addition to that, it is not to be overlooked that one could use AR technology for marketing campaigns as well, just by incorporating AR as support materials.

Helps in Travel & Tourism Sector:

Travel apps with augmented reality could accurately display tourist directions as well as routes to his/her destinations, interpret the signs going on the boards, and also provide in-depth information regarding sightseeing at a specific location. This suggests that by incorporating the layer of AR technology within a mobile travel app, possibilities are there to offer a latest cultural experience to the users.

Facilitates Improved Training & Education:

AR app development possesses huge potential when the matter comes to educating college students or employees. As opposed to the real-world training picture, a tutor could influence augmented reality app to let the process of learning educational concepts simpler for students. For example, taking a virtual car engine separately by AR is far simpler as compared to a real one. Besides, the procedure can be reiterated as many times as needed. Through the assistance of an augmented reality app, any enterprise cannot just educate the individuals working there but could also assist them to improve their talents and capabilities.

Facilitates Object Visualization in the Unique way:

One application of AR app development is the approach in which it assists to put digital assets in the real world. Integrating the virtual objects with the real world permits developers to interrelate with the digital elements (like 3D objects) they developed as if they were like real objects. In order to understand it, for instance, car designers need to work on approximately thousands of parts in order to let the car design go correctly. By use of immersive AR app development technology as well as computer graphics, they could project the digital layouts of the interior of car essentially on a full-size model relating to the car dashboard. It is known that visualizing virtual objects with the help of this app development technology gives comprehensive insights into what a finished product may appear like as related to a flat product image depicted on the screen.


Addictive gaming features would create many health issues:

This immersive technology is found to be extremely engrossing as it keeps its players captivated on the game continuously for several hours. This may end up making an ill impact on the health of the player. Moreover, minimal physical movements may invite issues like obesity, concentration issues in education for students, eye problems, etc.

Chances of deadly injuries or accidents: 

The usage of AR app development is actually unsupervised. It is found that this boosts the odds of players getting hurt or them suffering from some major injuries. Those people who are facing with heart issues may get seriously influenced playing horror games developed by this app development. 

The increase of ethical dilemma and aggressive traits among aspiring users: 

The war and several other violent games possess lots of coercive features which can modify the attitude of the players. This is especially true for the contemporary generation as they easily get affected by it, and later they feel that it is normal to depict this kind of violent behavior in public space as well. Moreover, they produce a negative message and remove the requirement to have a social responsibility as well as ethical behavior. 

Disassociation of Reality: 

Users of augmented reality app development usually spend much time getting engrossed in it that they actually fail to distinguish between the virtual and real world. It is known that this could pose a serious concern as that is the solitary purpose of the app development is absolute immersion.

Prone to cyber crimes:

The major drawback of this app development is that the augmented reality actually multiplies the potential of cyber-threats or you can say cyber-initiated threats, much more than the conventional apps. Moreover, the possibilities are even higher than virtual reality apps. It is found that devices utilized to develop AR are being hacked and this is prevalent not only in tablets and smartphones, but even in viewer wearables and cameras.

Graffiti, Misinformation, and Abuse:

Any person who has ever utilized the internet for a considerable period of time aptly knows about an aspect that one surely could not avoid – people who simply wish to dispute, quarrel, offense, and create chaos.  Every negative aspect of human interaction going over the internet would actually translate to the augmented reality world.  It is quite simple to understand that when one could post messages anywhere, nothing is going to prevent several people from getting abusive or insensitive.  The odds of malign and personal attacks would rise exponentially.  The prevalent laws on graffiti cannot probably comprise virtually augmented examples of the kind, or they would not for a significant period of time till some standard has been set.  In that case, as well, it would be tough if not unworkable to control without working hard on privacy invasion.

Concluding Note:

The dual nature technology- Augmented reality app development is quite beneficial if taken into the positive aspects and for the welfare of society. However, increased and haphazard usage indicates its ill impacts on people.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.