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Latest Mobile App Trends that will change the way you do Business

Latest Mobile App Trends that will change the way you do Business

In simple terms, a mobile app is a computer program which executes on a mobile device like a smartphone, watch or tablet. Contrasting to desktop applications which run on desktop computers, and web applications which run in mobile web browsers, it is true that mobile applications run directly on the mobile devices.

The year 2018 is anticipated to perceive major mobile application trends in business but in order to do so, the businesses need to keep up. The current scenario is such that the market is entirely saturated and it is found that the customer expectations are developed to a level where fulfilling to them is difficult. Hence, businesses should be properly aware of the recent mobile technology trends. You can revolutionize your business with the help of a mobile app. You may consider certain industry-specific trends which may influence your business. Mobile applications have capabilities to change the way business works so the prevailing trends should be understood. Let’s have a look at the recent mobile app trends which will alter the way you do business:

Mobile security is a more significant parameter than ever:

The increased number of mobile devices for commerce, and the increased number of personal information they hold, the higher they would be the target of criminals and hackers. Due to this, it came to known that mobile app developers have considered security as the topmost priority. It is true that there is no security measure which is foolproof, mobile apps will sustain to stay as a secure method to shop and pay.

Increase in the number of citizen developers:

It is not true that only those who know how to write codes can create an app. With the help of the jump in drag & drop app builders, it is anticipated that the number of people would venture into mobile apps development without even writing a single line of code. It is found that the citizen Developers are the new entry and you should be careful of them. They do not own a professional degree or training in the field of computer science or software programming, but they are still they are stepping into designing high-impact mobile applications of different nature. It is assured that the citizen developers would allow you to save cost as well as time because they allow you to allocate experienced developers to work on complicated projects; meanwhile, they work on the simpler ones.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) works to make smart devices smarter:

The trend is that more and number of mobile app developers is embedding AI within the apps. AI can lay an impact on a wide range of subjects like gaming, education, and commerce. For example, a learning app could seamlessly adapt to the manner a child learns in the best way. It is true that games could be more complicated and challenging as well but AI will work in that too. For commerce, the technology could work as a virtual worker whose only responsibility is to fulfill the individual needs of each customer. The one who is a personal AI assistant can assist a shopper by making a clear list of things they need, and then include these goods “to the cart,” allowing the user to only click “Buy.”

IoT and Wearables Apps will persist:

Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearables will continue to function without any doubt. Right from education to healthcare and from smart homes to smart offices, it is anticipated that IoT apps will steadily begin getting mainstream. It is possible that IoT may need some time to take off, but it will continue. For instance, Apple watch apps are by now booming and they will persist to stay in trend. In addition to that, Google has launched Android Things in order to boost IoT adoption. There is an increase in demand for connected things, therefore apps that will be needed for smart devices will have to incorporate innovations, in order to fulfill the varying needs.

Android Instant Apps will be in use:

Have you ever imagined that your app can reach customers who have actually not installed it on their device? This is accomplished by Android Instant Apps. The apps let the app accessing as simple as opening a web page. This is accomplished by only accessing the code required by the app at that instant. This trend implies that your business can reflect on an app search, and also the customers are allowed to use the app without requiring downloading it initially.

Machine learning, AI, and chatbots will continue to rule in business:

Personalized, conversational commerce, communicating with online shoppers is the finest thing that can take place in any business. A business can come close to its customer with the help of conversational commerce. There are many mobile apps that are designed to learn about their users’ preferences. They come with many advanced features as well. It is something related to the emotional quotients of these applications and the same is being revolutionized by sheer bot observation.

Progressive apps will be used extensively:

Considering the pace at which mobiles are being accepted by people (including potential prospects and casual surfers), every brand is attempting effectively to provide the best results for different screen sizes. Taking into account the type of investments that need to be done distinctly into native applications, the majority of people would find it expensive. Presently, progressive apps are in trend. If you wish to have a website that appears and works similar to an application then it can be accomplished with the help of progressive apps. This would be great for individual needs and also for business who do not like to bother about whether they are browsing an application or a website. There would be almost no issues unless you are getting bugged by some browsing problems.

Beacon/Location-based services will benefit the business:

The use of NFC, GPS, and beacons for mobile applications will be seen in business. Companies have by now initiated the installation of beacons within their stores, in order to send push notifications to their target audience. In addition to that, location-based services will be sold extensively. These types of apps provide flexibility in a way that you only need to mention a geographical area and direct push notifications to those people who have already downloaded your app.

It is known that Wi-Fi will provide many features apart from just providing internet access. Businesses will start using beacon technology with the purpose to comprehend where their customers are present and connect with them with the help of pertinent and customized content transferred to their mobile phones using Wi-Fi. The greatest benefit is that beacon technology has bridged the gap between offline and online services in the field of advertising and retail industries.

Lazy loading benefits visitors and business:

Lazy loading is considered as one of the appealing mobile app development trends in 2018. It applies a simple logic –allow it to load before it runs and allows it to load when its turn of the screen turns up. It is found that Lazy loading has efficiently saved bandwidth for businesses and visitors, equally, literally a well as figuratively. The trend will continue and will pass through a little more twist of functionality. 

Push notifications keep you informed:

Many people carry out extensive searching on different things the entire day. It happens that by the completion of the day, most of the data comes out of their minds. But this should not happen with you. People carried out a search because they required the thing. For them, push notifications serves the purpose. They also keep your prospects notified regarding things they were engrossed in. Push notifications are capable to resolve two different intentions, they are: (i.) The purposes — they unlock the door for a prospective action, on the business’ side (ii) they work to develop reliability, on your prospects’ side. 

Cloud-based apps are inevitable:

Cloud technologies will be extensively used for the purpose of app development that needs integration with IoT, wearable devices, artificial intelligence etc. There always arise need to create apps that need huge storage for flawless functioning. Under this type of scenarios, development of cloud-based apps is inevitable. Furthermore, with the assistance of cloud support, mobile apps can work safely across multiple devices.

Smart Cities, Homes, and Offices will provide security:

The trend is that the number of things is getting connected to the internet and so these Internet of Things (IoT) devices help a lot.  Due to this, there will be enhanced approaches to handling traffic, offering parking solutions, guaranteeing safety, connecting and regulating homes, vehicles, offices, and equipment that comes with mobile phones, etc. Mobile app developers will be anticipated to get busy in developing secure mobile apps which can assist people to regulate their connected equipment safely and remotely.

Concluding Note:

Mobile applications are found everywhere and they will impact the business operation uniquely. The recent trends prevailing in this sector help to enhance the way business o


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.