IT Security and why it is Important

IT Security and why it is Important

With the advent of time, new technologies are getting added up to IT industry. At the same time, new security threats are also posing at the Information technology industry. Over the years, a few security threats have been minimized, but at the same time some new threats have come into display. So, coping with IT security threats is a dynamic thing, where new challenges along with new IT security solutions approach quite frequently. In the following section of this piece of writing, we shall find some major IT security threats and their status in recent years.

Malicious Insiders (Increasing Threat)

For the modern IT organizations, employees with malicious intentions are considered as the biggest security threats. With alarming rise on global security related issues, it is important for the companies to be profoundly vigilant over the security threats. The solution to such threat is increasing the level of employee awareness training. With proficient awareness training and counseling process, malicious intentions can be handled. Many employers have secret team, which keep eyes on employees and their activities. If malicious activities have been suspected, they report to the management authorities. However, it is ensured that too much security does not affect creativity of the employees.

Malware Threat (Ongoing Threat)

We are more or less accustomed with the term malware. With various IT security solutions, malwares have been blocked successfully. However, they revolved themselves over the time to create new security concerns. Typically Malware comes with virus, Trojan programs, worms, etc. All these things can corrupt data or information in a system. They can also send information to hackers. In order to block malware, patch management, URL filtering and various other protective measures have been taken. Different anti-virus programs have been created to deal with malware or viruses. As viruses are getting modified, anti-virus programs also need to be modified.

Social Engineering (Increasing Threat)

For Information technology industry, social engineering has become a big threat. A lot of social engineers participate in tricking others to cheat them. Sometimes, it can be used to damage reputation of a person or a business. In many cases, it has been done to track personal information of a person to harm him or her financially. In order to manage this new type of threat for IT industry, steady IT security solutions are carrying our awareness programs, developing more robust systems, establishing two or three levels based security system and many more. To cope with such things, some more agile approaches have been taken to develop IT security solutions.

Physical Security Threat (Unpredictable)

Physical security threats for IT industry will be always there and these threats are unpredictable. They can happen due to natural calamities, militant security breakdown operations, accidents, fire hazards and many more. In order to develop IT security solutions, handling physical threats to IT industry and equipments is the most challenging part. Such security arrangements or equipments can be extremely costly affair. Thus, small business may to adopt complete security solutions to protect their IT infrastructure from physical damages.

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