Two Factor Authentication System in Cloud Computing
30 July, 2022
Importance of Two Factor Authentication System in Cloud Computing

Two-factor Authentication is no longer an optional feature. If you employ current cloud services, this added layer of protection may drastically lower the chance of a hostile takeover. Unless you go to exceptional measures, practically every aspect of your personal and professional life is now facilitated by cloud services. The danger of leaking necessary cloud…

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Protect Data In Mobile & Web Apps Using Encryption
22 June, 2022
How Encryption Enhances Data Protection in Web and Mobile Apps

Mobile devices account for over 54% of online traffic. This is because of the shifting trends in how people use mobile devices and applications. The current digital transformation and a global pandemic are the key…

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how to improve website security
11 February, 2021
How to Improve Website Security : A Simple Guide

The simplicity of creating websites has improved in recent years. If consumers use a payment platform for online credit cards, they must know how safe their database is. Users do not want to distort their…

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