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S3 Bucket Security Best Practices
2 August, 2023
AWS S3 Bucket Security Best Practices

Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an important storage management feature and it (S3) was designed to be a simple, scalable object storage system that developers could use without worrying about file systems; everything on S3 is an addressable object in a bucket. S3 swiftly ascended to the top of the object storage hierarchy.…

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GDPR Compliance Checklist for Software
6 January, 2023
GDPR Compliance Checklist for Software

We are living in a technological era that has us surrounded by multiple software programs. As of the 21st century, we have software programs that cater to most of our day-to-day activities. For example, there…

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SOC 2 Compliance Checklist 
4 January, 2023
SOC 2 Compliance Checklist 

When conducting any type of business in any industry, protecting customer information should be of significant importance. Due to this need for customer data security, organizations must comply with SOC 2 (System and Organization Control.)…

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Two Factor Authentication System in Cloud Computing
30 July, 2022
Importance of Two Factor Authentication System in Cloud Computing

Two-factor Authentication is no longer an optional feature. If you employ current cloud services, this added layer of protection may drastically lower the chance of a hostile takeover. Unless you go to exceptional measures, practically…

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Protect Data In Mobile & Web Apps Using Encryption
22 June, 2022
How Encryption Enhances Data Protection in Web and Mobile Apps

Mobile devices account for over 54% of online traffic. This is because of the shifting trends in how people use mobile devices and applications. The current digital transformation and a global pandemic are the key…

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how to improve website security
11 February, 2021
How to Improve Website Security : A Simple Guide

The simplicity of creating websites has improved in recent years. If consumers use a payment platform for online credit cards, they must know how safe their database is. Users do not want to distort their…

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25 July, 2016
IT Security and why it is Important

IT Security and why it is Important With the advent of time, new technologies are getting added up to IT industry. At the same time, new security threats are also posing at the Information technology…

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