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Importance of Design for Enterprise App Development

After the research, it was concluded that there are approximately 70% of the employees, who in a week spend two or more hours to access information of the company through mobile devices, Such kind of fact proves in this modern world the high demand of the various applications which are enterprise eccentric.

As many of the businesses are investing a lot in the development of the enterprise apps, but as a result, many of them are not successful. The main reason behind their failure is their design thinking. This design thinking is defined as the designing of a certain app while making the people on their focus for whom these apps are created.

Whereas we can also say that this design thinking put great focus on their users. It also makes discoveries, ideation, and certain innovations in the process. It helps in the establishment of the overall direction and concept for their project.

Thus while working in an enterprise, the main objective is to make a connection with the employees and participate in the joint efforts. The reason behind this act is that the problems can be analyzed, and able to make a certain solution. At this point innovation is unavoidable.

For this purpose, there a detailed analysis is established helps to highlight the significance of design thinking while development of an enterprise app.

The Approach to Implementing Design Thinking 

design thinking india

Five major different steps help in the implementation of the design thinking at a level of organization. These major steps are marked to be as follows:

  • To Empathize
  • To Define
  • To Ideate
  • To Prototype
  • To Test

These are marked to be the principles of design thinking. These principles will be applied to the development effort of the enterprise app. Such a kind of practice at the enterprise will lead to the positive experience of the users.

Understanding of Design in Enterprise App Development

Here at this point comes the reference to the Norman Doors, These are the specific kind of the doors that do not show any kind of indication about the working of the door. In this situation, the person gets confused that whether they have to push the door in inward direction or outward direction.

Here let’s suppose that you have such kind of the door right at the place of entry at your organization. This door at this position would be like a usability anomaly for the employees. It will cause a great kind of frustration and the bad experiences of the employees. Now, implement the same concept of the Norman Door to the enterprise level app.

Here we get the answer if a person was not able to make an app which succeeds in accommodating great usability intuitiveness. Working on such an app will fail  to meet the great expectations of their users. This is marked to be their flaw back and make certain kind of hurdles in their success.

Importance of Design in Enterprise App

Design thinking plays a vital role in the success or the failure of the app. This design also holds great importance due to their work. There are some of the important aspects of the design thinking in enterprise app that are marked to be as follows:

Meeting the Needs of Employees

The purpose of enterprise app development success certain things matters a lot. They should undertake the factor under which they can solve different problems of the people. It should be their ultimate motive to get development. There is the specific phase in the design thinking procedure which is known as “Empathize”. This phase will help to gracefully achieve the goal.

The pinpoint of this aspect is that one needs solid communication with their employees so that they can be able to understand the pains and reasons behind their frustrations. The findings, in this case, will surprise you about your misconception about the app “thought to be perfect” is not perfect at all in the case.

Boost up the Productivity of the Employees

It is right to say that an increase in communication is directly relative to productivity. In the first basic step, you as a leader will involve your employees during the phase of the production of the app. Secondly, they are providing them the great platform through which they can communicate with each other easily.

There is also another advantage of it that enterprise app aids the employees by which they directly connected with the app. This will play a great role in the elimination of reluctance in the process by the employees. The feeling of high value will arise at the time when you allow your employees to come up and speak. In short, we can say that if the employees are given the priority, in return they will result in more productivity.

Significant Increase in the Spirit of Team

The process of design thinking will give a great opportunity to the in-house employees. By this fact, these employees can also contribute actively throughout the whole process. At the time when you involve your employees in the phase of empathizing and give them the feel of involvement. As a result of this action, you will be able to witness the excessive level of communication and piece of involvement among all of the hard-working employees.

At this point doesn’t matter what about the department is reflected. The process of design thinking will make such kind of the application that will help to undertake the gap that is present never before with this factor. The important aspect of the action is that the employee who was less creative in their past also play a vital role in the development that they can surprise you. Here an integrated design thinking approach acts like a main agent in which you only have to break the ice. As a result of the hard work of the employees is reflected due to which there is a success in the development of the enterprise app.

Enterprise App Adoption

The sharing of the information is marked to be the major principle of the design thinking process of the enterprise. The person who in their life use the application will at the same time also clasp the answer about the app that what this app should be like. If as a maker of the app and you are building the fresh piece of the app, the identifications of the expectations will start with their employees. As employees in this whole process hold a source of great importance. Whereas, if you make some kind of the modifications in already existing app employees plays a basic role. These employees can help to figure out where the specific application lacks. In this process, the drawbacks and the advantages of the app seem to be clear.

At the point when the issues of end-user level seem to be addressed, no force can stop the enterprise app the meet the great success. As the success of an app whole depends upon the addressing of end-user level. This is because you as a leader will work in the form alignment in the teams but contrary or against them.

Solution that makes UI/UX the Main Concern

design thinking india

There are a difference in expectations and perceptions among different types of employees. Under this factor, if you give a lot of mass to every of the user request then, as a result, there is damage to the user by which they will not be able to experience the big time in their life. Contrary to this with the help of the process of design thinking the employees can determine what should they do and what should they discard.

In order to build a eloquent product by the efforts of the cross-organization will helps a lot. By this, they can easily create an interface of the interactive users that at a certain point might leads to the experience of the incredible user. To discuss the technicalities design stages will help to prioritize feature in the case of building their very first sample.

Authorize to follow a Focused Method

According to scope of any of the organization, it will become a great challenge to build the enterprise-level apps. There are certain reasons behind this factor that makes hurdles. This will might be the modification in the behaviors and expectations of the employees, indifference in the roles of employees, department multiplicity. But besides these all challenging factors, the main objective of an employee is to not give up at any cost in the process of app development.

The basic need in the app development is that each decision should be made after consulting with the users. In this consulting, they will also have to figure out their needs about their process and their sensitive-points that will be the source of their frustration. If all of these matters are to be resolved then the user will buy the idea continue to use the app without any kind of second thought. At this stage, all credit goes to the design thinking process and the product development strategy and their importance on the human requisites that are essential for them.

So these are marked to be the vital and the important aspects of the design thinking for the development or the progress of the enterprise application. As this design plays a vital role in which the success or the failure of the app depends upon.

This design thinking put great focus on their users. It also makes discoveries, ideation, and certain innovations in the process. It helps in the establishment of the overall direction and vision for their project.

Principles for Enterprise App Design


Clear and the simple kind of the approach of the app will make that app functional, fascinating and flawless. Thoughts should be clear, the main purpose and the design are very much important in the designing of the app. The addition of useless features and the clutter of the interface with buttons that will never use will lead the app to the failure. In short, we can say that the app should be clear and simple.


For the success of the enterprise app continuity is marked to be the most difficult and important goal. Here let’s take an example that if a salesman opens some application, make several kinds of changes and leave the office. After which he started using the mobile phone. At here continuity matters a lot. The application should have to restart at the same place and point where it was ended on any other previous device.


For the development of the enterprise apps it is important to look consistent and also similar across all of the devices and the platforms. So to design an enterprise app, it is important to think that how it will work when the user uses the same application to the multiple mediums of devices.

To get striking kind of the design of the enterprise app is like the design that works just like to the human brain. A prototype or the wire frame of an application will itself suggest that how the app will behave and work.

These are the basic principles of the app design under which the app will flourish. These principles in the form of clarity, continuity, and consistency will prove that the design of an app regarding these factors helps the app to work well with continuous behavior.

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By the help of all of the above-mentioned facts and the aspects, we came to know that the process of design thinking plays a great role in any app. As we already mentioned above that success or the failure of the app depends upon these important aspects. At the same time, the employee’s acts like a great helper and by their great contribution the app can flourish well. The process of design thinking is marked to be indispensable to build enterprise apps. The app should cover all of the expectations of the user on which it is built.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.