How Mobile Applications Fight a Pandemic

How Mobile Applications can help Fight a Pandemic

Many people faced a lot of changes in their way of living because of the pandemic. Many lost their jobs while business owners experienced low income from business activities. All these effects led to extreme pressure among people, making it hard to survive. However, no matter the happenings, there is always a way forward. Individuals became innovative and creative through various survival means, thanks to advanced technology.

As much as the pandemic affected more people, those in the IT field got more opportunities to explore their talents and capabilities. Developers and programmers had to think of practical ways to uplift living and give more people hope in various career fields.

During the pandemic, there were set rules to be observed by every person. For example, there was social distancing and no group meetings. This implied that there weren’t any business meetings, and client-customer relations were highly affected. In this case, mobile applications were significant to many people.

The purpose of the mobile applications was to bring people together through online platforms, offer advice on the precautions, and support online businesses so that life could continue as usual. That is why every programmer and app developer had a significant role to play. They had to use their knowledge to create the apps to help society at large. During the period, the applications in demand included apps to collect personal information from people, applications for monitoring individuals’ health status, and business-related apps to keep the economy moving. 

How Mobile Apps Came into Being

The rise of mobile applications was influenced by the fact that most people could access smartphones and laptops and the internet connection. Since many people are connected through online platforms, there was a need for creating mobile applications to bring people together. 

Back to the pandemic scenario, many organizations were closed, and people were forced to work from home to restrict social gatherings. However, life can’t stop because there are available resources such as mobile phones to curb the situation. Interestingly, there are some applications that you can access even when offline. This means that lack of internet cannot primarily affect connection amongst people.

Let’s take an example of when the COVID-19 came. Everyone was curious about the signs and symptoms and how to stay safe, and the daily updates concerning the situation. In this scenario, there was a need for the tech-powered mobile application to enable people to remain updated and well-informed of the daily happenings.

That is when app developers started creating health-related applications to give accurate information. Above all, the need for other applications also increased—for instance, business and communication applications. Remember, people worked from home, and the best way to reach out to their colleagues was through such applications. Since such applications play a crucial role in many people’s lives, they require talented developers and programmers to incorporate the necessary skills and bring up the best mobile apps.

How Mobile Apps Assist in Managing a Pandemic

First of all, when an unanticipated negative change occurs, many people’s lives get interrupted. The regular schedule changes and people have to adapt to the new way of living. After all, every person has daily goals, and a pandemic can’t stop them from achieving their hearts’ desires. That is when the idea of the innovative application comes in.

IT excerpts then innovate ideas that will manage the issues arising due to the pandemic and helping professionals in the health sector manage the situation positively. For example, the healthcare facilities are quite busy, and the nurses and doctors get overwhelmed by the massive number of patients they have to attend to. In such a scenario, mobile apps can help regulate the situation and give the healthcare personnel an easy time. Instead of meeting and admitting patients physically, they can offer education and prescription through the mobile apps, thus simplifying the work and keeping the personal healthcare safe since there are minimal physical interactions.

Mobile Applications that can Help Contain a Pandemic

  •   Mobile Applications for Tracking Purposes

When COVID-19 happened, there was an element of tracking a person or people you interacted with in positive test results. The idea is to get the people and isolate them so that they don’t spread the virus to more people. However, without proper technology and powerful mobile apps, it can be hard to trace people since individuals have many activities from one place to another.

The purpose of mobile tracking applications is to trace the people you socialized with. There are many tracking applications available on AppStore and play store for downloading. However, there are some requirements you must understand before making a move. For instance, you must share the user’s location so that both parties can get notifications. While using the app, you get reports whenever to are in the affected area.

Above all, the tracking applications can help a person monitor other people’s movements and alert them whenever they are in danger. The essential features of mobile tracking applications include the following:

  • Location updates of the affected individuals
  • GPS tracking
  • Personal updates on health status
  • Reminders to people at risk to get tested
  •  Mobile Applications for Self-analysis

At times, it can be hard to determine the results by symptoms alone. It requires an extra step of self-analysis to determine the health status of a person. That is why developers need to consider such applications for the future. Instead of physically going to the healthcare facility, the person can use the application to conduct self-analysis and collect accurate health status information. Apart from giving precise details on the health status, the app provides measures the person should take. The app simplifies time for the doctors, and it saves time for the patients. The typical features of self-analysis applications for mobile include:

  • Contact details for extra support
  • A detailed questionnaire that collects relevant information and gives instant outcomes
  • Includes measures to maintain personal safety.
  •  Mobile Applications for Awareness Purposes

When the entire universe is at a panic level, everyone deserves regular updates on the happening. People need guidance and advice on what to do in case they experience a given situation. That is why information is vital. In this case, developers and programmers ought to think of the best awareness mobile applications to help people in times of need. 

For example, among the daily COVID-19 updates, people need to know the highest infected areas, the number of deaths, how many people recovered, and how many got infected. Such information is crucial as it enables people to stay safe and avoid some areas. Above all, such information creates awareness among the people on how harmful the virus is, thus not taking it for granted. Let us consider a scenario where there are no updates at all. People will take the matter lightly and continue with daily activities as usual. In the end, the number of infections will rise, and many people will end up dying. However, with mobile applications, people get instant information and take extra measures to stay safe. Mobile awareness applications should have the following information:

  • Contact numbers for emergency purposes.
  • Give information in a language understood by many or have an option for translations.
  • Include preventive measure people need to take
  • Explain the symptoms of the virus in detail.
  • Mobile Applications for Healthcare Consultation Purposes

When there is a deadly disease globally, people are advised to avoid physical gatherings and social contact. However, there are moments when you must seek medical attention when feeling sick. In this case, you need a mobile app that enables you to reach out to the healthcare professionals for extensive advice and take measures instead of going to the facility physically.

With the application, you can hook up with a professional doctor, explain how you feel, and any other relevant information required by the doctor. The doctor can give you an appointment if your case is severe or prescribe you the right medicine if your situation is mild. The features of such applications include:

  • Booking for test performance
  • Tracking the progress of the patient
  • Arranging consultations with medical personnel
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Virtual meetings with doctors


Tough times require creativity and innovation. In the case where people’s daily lives get affected, IT experts can think of various measures to control the situation. apps are the best ways of coping with this current pandemic. When everything seems to be at a stand-still, dedicated programmers and developers develop applications to simplify people’s lives.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.