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What are the Advantages of Xamarin App Development?

What are the Advantages of Xamarin App Development?

Xamarin has initially captured up in form of a cross-platform leader and it appears to be the finest option when the matter comes to developing a single application. The aspect that is yet to be seen is that whether or not it can function equally fine when the matter comes to developing multiple applications. Presently, there are millions of apps accessible in iOS and Android app stores, and customers now have high expectations in matters of functionality, features, usability, and performance. In this kind of competitive market, almost there is negligible space for those apps that are actually sub-par and those that do not function smoothly on the dedicated platform for which they have been developed for.

For aspiring mobile app developers, it is found that now there has been a gradual shift in thinking. Moreover, now the emphasis is mainly on developing better user experiences and glancing at the future. The fact is due in share to the continuously fluctuating OS requirements as well as device fragmentation which have let it tricky for them to make sure that the apps developed by them prepare a reliable and omnichannel experience for its users over a range of devices. Presently, the concept of Xamarin app development is transforming as a largely famous framework for the development of hybrid mobile applications. Hence, the app development firms just need to look for skilled Xamarin developers in order to develop powerful and consistent applications.

Let’s have a glance at different advantages of Xamarin application development:

Xamarin application development delivers native Android, iOS, and Windows Apps:

Through the help of Xamarin development, a business can apply its team’s prevailing skills as well as code powers for building native apps for more than one platform over a shared C# codebase. Also, with help of the same IDE, APIs, and language, it is known that Xamarin apps are developed with a native user interface. The complete spectrum of functionality revealed by the fundamental platform and device can be accessed by Xamarin apps, encompassing special capabilities like Android and iBeacons.

The clash is not only restricted to various platforms. The matter of Android fragmentation is famous. Irrespective of it being a device and disparity in screen size abilities, various devices act uniquely depending on their presence. It is found that Xamarin’s integration with the native SDKs of every platform facilitates applications to seek benefits of platform-explicit functionality; hence it becomes useful to develop apps to utilize those features.

Allows API Integration:

Xamarin permits app developers to assimilate the identical APIs and UI controls which are being utilized for developing iOS, Android, and Mac application in their particular platform-specific programmings like Swift, Java, and Objective-C. Xamarin’s exceptional binding approach provides good support for the latest features immediately after they get presented to the device’s OS.

Provides the benefit of Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD):

Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) is identified as one of the key benefits of Xamarin. The reason behind why today’s businesses choose cross-platform development as compared to native development is to speed up their development procedures at a reasonable rate. It is found that Xamarin app development appropriately fulfills this business need and it even delivers native app-like appearance and experience, reliable performance over platforms, and outstanding user experience. Moreover, it permits absolute code reusability via the use of Xamarin forms libraries in order to facilitate the development of UI, ultimately enabling the development procedure to be rapid and straightforward.

Facilitate Shared App Logic:

In addition to a native user interface, the simplicity of sharing the app code to more than one mobile platform lets the Xamarin app develop the must-use kind of cross-platform mobile development tool. Besides, the app logic encompassing the UI layer that possesses input validation, database interactions, web service calls, along with back-end enterprise integrations are found to be coded using C#.

Xamarin application development permits components like business objects, data access layers, and app logic to get shared over different platforms. This suggests that the core logic is composed once and later deployed across different platforms. Till 90% of code is shared over the three leading mobile platforms and this leaves the remaining to be platform-specific. The aspect assures speedier go-to-market. For example, post developing an iOS app, in case the enterprise decides to develop a similar app to target Android-based users, then it could be a hard job for app developers to compose the code from the start. However, Xamarin functions to let this task be easy to develop an iOS app through the help of ready-to-use shared code.

Serves as an all in one solution:

Xamarin app development is providing force to cutting-edge technologies like C# and also it is proving the contemporary mobile app developers as well as the businesses through an all-in-one solution for apps. Because the competition is very stiff and because there are lots of apps that are being launched in a short span of time, a tool that permits for speedier development over many platforms is always be the one that is worth looking into. The truth that Xamarin too permits for the supervising of an app performance supplements its appeal and by now it has assisted a huge number of SMEs to attain recognition in the crowded marketplace.

In the coming future, it is expected that the cross-platform development would more than probable be the standard, and Xamarin is confirmed to function as a continually advancing ecosystem, developing with every new launch of native OS updates or its upgrades. It is possible that there would be some other identical software tools that would provide a similar service in time; however, for now, it is found that Xamarin appears to be dominating the way.

Supports minimal Bugs:

Xamarin output outcomes in those apps with less number of bugs because of its shared code method. It becomes very simple to retain bug-free code because the core application code is authenticated once for different platforms. Today, developers utilize Xamarin TestCloud, known as a mobile app testing module, which assists in testing applications with reports, fragmentation, constant integration, as well as object-based UI testing. Moreover, firms could apply Xamarin Insights, known as a real-time app monitor module assisting in checking the health and performance of Xamarin apps. It is found that Xamarin supports app testing on more than 2,000 devices. Additionally, developers can also subscribe to the Test Recorder tool, and later receive a report consisting of the bugs as well as other issues. This decreases the troubleshooting time and lets the developer work simply.

Provides Hardware Support:

Xamarin app development allows developers to develop a cross-platform mobile app through the use of native app functionalities. However, when the matter comes to hardware support, it benefits in discarding every hardware compatibility concern. It provides plugins as well as APIs with functionalities that can be utilized over different platforms. Moreover, it even supports proper linking with native libraries and facilitates enhanced customization functionalities.

Xamarin Component Store provides required components:

Xamarin Component Store offers developers high-quality components needed for the purpose of application development. Such components encompass controls, web service APIs, core graphic elements, and they are derived from IDE directly. Through this store, app developers can seamlessly integrate well-known backends like Salesforce, Parse, Microsoft Azure, and SAP. Besides, it adds useful security features such as data encryption as well as authentication.

It is the finest framework made to develop powerful mobile applications for different operating systems. Thus, it is perfect for app development firms to get Xamarin developers. In addition to that, Xamarin permits developers to reclaim the code-base through the help of C# and offers various tools to serve the device-specific experience.

Supports SDK Integration and Promptness for Future:

Xamarin functions with the recent SDKs and uses a few of the typical and platform-specific APIs. Moreover, it firmly ties SDKs and APIs of different platforms to develop high-quality applications. It results in Xamarin mobile applications with an assured user-friendly interface. Moreover, Xamarin’s sole SDK integration feature benefits in offering proper support for the latest features, the moment they are interleaved in the device’s operating system.

Offers Secure Backend using AMS:

Through the help of the international partnership of Microsoft and Xamarin, it is known that the .NET Portable Class Libraries are made accessible with profound integration with Visual Studio. These too give proper support to Microsoft Azure Mobile Services on operating systems like iOS and Android. Through the help of this feature, a protected and scalable backend is developed for different mobile platforms.

It is Cost-Effective:                                                  

The use of Xamarin app development is an excellent approach to reduce expenses when creating complicated applications for varied operating systems. As an alternative to developing an absolute application for every system, which raises the time required to market and lessen monetary resources, app developers can now merge around two-thirds of a single codebase through C#.

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Xamarin is continually developing its ecosystem and advances with every fresh release of native mobile OS updates as well as device technology upgrades. Out of many, the major benefit is building iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications through the identical C# codebase. It is recommended that developers must go for Xamarin depending on the right resources.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.