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events management software development india
30 January, 2019
Tech-Xplore: Discover the Potential of Technology Impacting the Event Management Sector

Tech in the Events Industry Right since the onset of the 21st century, the event industry had started to take sharper turns of innovation and transformation. In the present day, event industry is estimated to be around US$8 billion. An industry having a high quantum of commerce and unfathomable, perpetually growing scope is bound to…

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25 December, 2018
Here’s Why Kotlin Holds the Future for Android App Development

In the year 2011, a software development company known as JetBrains came up with what would become the forefront in Android app development. Kotlin is the name awarded to the language whose evolution begun in…

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xamarin flutter react native cross platform apps
4 December, 2018
Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin comparison and benefits of each

Cross-platform development means a software application procedure. In this method, it should work well more than one explicit computerized living space. This ability is regularly required after with the end goal to move to the…

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3 December, 2018
Should I Develop Mobile Apps in House or Outsource? Which is the Best?

The people who want to develop an App or website, there is a common loaded question for them. The question is how they will develop their App or website. Most of the people are facing…

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app developer india
21 November, 2018
Top Things to Consider Before Hiring Mobile App Developer

Many people like to create an app first ever. It would be a beautiful journey for your company if you can make it successfully. Maybe, you feel hesitant to hire app developer. It is a…

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Voice Activated Apps
28 August, 2018
Voice Activated Apps and the Future

The initiative of using voice activated things has been prevalent now and the purpose behind this is the improvement in different applications. Voice activated apps, as well as devices, are steadily making their way into…

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ios resources
20 July, 2018
10 Beginner-friendly Resources for iOS App Development

10 Beginner-friendly Resources for iOS App Development The trend of app development is in the continuation and it will not pause in the future. With the advancements in programming languages, app development has now transformed…

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mobile app trends 2018
19 July, 2018
Latest Mobile App Trends that will change the way you do Business

Latest Mobile App Trends that will change the way you do Business In simple terms, a mobile app is a computer program which executes on a mobile device like a smartphone, watch or tablet. Contrasting…

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chatbots development india
13 June, 2018
Developing Chatbots and How can it Benefit?

Developing Chatbots and How can it Benefit? The term chatbot relates to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that chats with internet users automatically, and respond the questions they inquire. Baically, a chatbot is a computer program…

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