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Why Laravel is the best PHP Development Framework?

Laravel is a PHP based web application development framework which is gaining popularity among developers nowadays due to its amazing set of features. The syntax of Laravel is elegant and expressive making it developer friendly. Using this framework will result in enhancing your productivity and help you in developing web-applications with high performance and efficient working.

The factors which make Laravel the best development framework among the pool of frameworks available are listed below:

Authorization Technique:

The authorization features embedded in this PHP framework are amazing and they enable the developers to control access of their web based applications. Users can manage application access and organize the logic of authorization is also simple to implement.

Object Oriented Libraries

The Laravel framework is equipped with various pre-installed libraries including Object oriented libraries, sundry and several other which facilitate the developers in getting the required functionality. Laravel is the only PHP framework with these libraries which makes it a preferred choice for your web based applications.

A very useful example of these libraries is the Authentication Library which is quite easy to implement. The features available in this pre-installed library include a number of advanced features such as resetting password, checking active users, hashing, encryption of sensitive data, cross-site request forgery protection, etc.


A built tool embedded in Laravel is named Artisan. This tool enables interaction of developer with the framework and this activity is performed with the help of a command line responsible for creating and handling the project environment of Laravel.

This tool saves the developers from performing a number of redundant programming activities which are normally performed manually and results in saving time and resources. It also results in speeding up the command line operations performed by Laravel.

MVC Support

MVC architecture is also supported by Laravel PHP development framework. The documentation provided along with this framework includes multiple built-in functions and using MVC along with Laravel enables the developers to improve the overall performance and ensure that the view between logic and presentation is clear.


With the help of functionalities such as hashed and slated password Laravel offers users with a highly secure PHP framework. The password is not saved as a plain text and it is generated as an encrypted password. The algorithm used is Bcrypt hashing. The predefined SQL statements utilized in this framework are responsible for elimination any kind of risks such as SQL injection attacks.

Migrating Database

The database synchronization between different machines is a quite time consuming and difficult task for any developer. The migration option provided by Laravel is easy and result in incorporation of all the changes in the machines to which the database is migrated.


Laravel offers the developers with a number of free and paid tutorials which can help laravel developers in learning all about Laravel.

Unit Testing

Laravel framework also offers the users with a unit testing option. These methods are termed as helper methods and these ensure that the unexpected breakdown of applications is avoided in case of code updates.

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