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Which is better iOS or Android Mobile Apps?

The two operating systems used in majority of the smart phones nowadays are Android and IOS. Android has been developed by Google whereas IOS is a product of Apple Inc. Almost 54% of the total world population uses smart phones with Android operating system and 44% users have devices running on IOS. Both these operating system s have their positives and negatives. Both these platforms have millions of apps in their app stores providing users with amazing apps which can help them in carrying out their day to day activities, socializing, play games, watch movies and perform many more activities.

The number of application in the Google Play store has reached up to 3 million and the number of apps available currently in the iOS app store has reached 2.2 million. A comparison of which apps among these two app stores are better is given below:

Development Time and Price

First we will compare the time and lines of code required in order to build a mobile based application. According to the statistics the lines of code required in order to develop an Android app is way more as compared to apple store apps. This makes android app development more time consuming. Android applications take an average of 38% more lines of code making them more time taking.

In terms of price the android developers charge more as compared to iOS app developers due to which most of the android app development is outsourced affecting the quality of the application.

Segmented Market

Another factor which contributes to making mobile applications better or verse is whether they are upgraded to perform correctly across various android and iOS versions or not. In this scenario as well Apple based applications are better than Android applications due to the fact that Apple users are segmented over three iOS version only currently.

In case of android due to the large variety of devices and screen resolutions running on Android, it’s very difficult for developers to build applications which are compatible over all these versions. The majority of the android users are distributed over Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollipop and Marshmallow which affects the compatibility of the newly developed play store applications.

User Defection Trend

According to reports the trend of Android user’s switching to iOS has been observed. The major reason for users to switch from one platform to another is its applications. During the recent years 23% android users were shifted to Apple phones, which prove the fact that iOS applications are better in terms of usability, security, functionality and several other such factors.

Development Tools

In this case also apple developers have better development tools available for app development as compared to Android. According to android developers Google has not provided them with a serious solution to various issues faced by them while building applications for Google play store.  The resources available along with the development tools of Android are not enough to meet the needs of the developers thus making Apple based mobile applications better in this regard as well.

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