Role of Cloud Computing in IoT solutions

Role of Cloud Computing in IoT Solutions

The Internet of things (IoT) is paving its way through the technologies along with cloud computing. As the IoT is bringing a huge change in the future besides this cloud computing is also emerging as fast as the innovations in technologies are happening. To make IoT solutions successful cloud computing is the key to its success. We are all familiar with what IoT is and how it works. If not then we will take a quick review of what IoT and cloud computing are and then we will see the role of cloud computing in IoT solutions.

Internet of things IoT: The Internet of things is the technology through which we can control the daily use of devices and appliances via the internet. IoT technology contains sensors, software, and other technology and an internet connection to make them exchange data over the internet.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is the technology that delivers the services like software, servers, hardware access, and intelligence over the internet. Reducing the cost of buying hardware and software services you can just pay for the services you want to use without owning them.

Integration of IoT with cloud computing

As IoT is bringing innovations to the future day by day, it requires the hardware components to fully work for it. IoT generates a vast amount of data and to handle that a large amount of data cloud computing comes into action. IoT stores large data and analyzes it for the robust working of the device. The data stored by IoT devices is analyzed by the services provided by cloud computing. All the data is managed by cloud servers so that users don’t have to worry about the hardware for the devices. IoT and Cloud computing integrate each other, both are operating toward the growing efficiencies of normal duties while IoT has taken the mainstream technology, it generates a big amount of data, besides, cloud computing paves a path for this huge data.

 Benefits of cloud computing in IoT

As cloud computing is the key to success for IoT solutions here are some benefits which can be achieved by integrating IoT with cloud computing.

  • Scalability

IoT produces a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed to make the device work robust, cloud computing not only provides the space for that data to be stored but also provides some other services to handle that data and analyze it to make the device work perfectly.

  • Security

As we talk about a large amount of data what is the first thing that comes to mind? Data security, most IoT devices are integrated with personal devices and are interconnected with each other so data security becomes the main aspect of IoT.

  • Cost-effective

Users don’t have to buy hardware and other software to make IoT work because all these aspects are covered by cloud computing. Servers, software, access to hardware, and other intelligence services can be accessed by just paying for the time being used not for the whole thing. Users don’t have to own expensive hardware when they can have them without owning it.

  • Compatibility

Almost all of the IoT devices are up to date and are compatible with cloud computing also cloud computing does the work for the devices that are incompatible with the mobile device and requires desktop or laptops for data integration. All these works can be done by cloud computing.

  • Accessibility

Accessing devices remotely is the key feature of IoT and cloud computing also provides this feature as all the devices can be integrated with cloud servers and both the device and servers can be accessed any time where remotely. With advancements in technologies like 4G and 5G accessing devices remotely and manipulating data online is no more the issue.

  • Business progression.

Cloud computing guarantees commercial enterprise continuity, although sudden disasters show up in the course of the method. As information is maintained on additional separate servers, there is no risk of data loss, which is a long way extra important for the case of IoT-based totally groundwork.

Challenges for complementation of cloud and IoT

With cloud computing, the IoT has become much more reliable than it is. Meeting the requirements for IoT and accelerating its growth there are some challenges for cloud computing and IoT to work together. Both are great steps in future technologies but here are some challenges faced by them.

  • Data processing.

IoT creates huge data while cloud computing managing that data is smooth as far as limited data is concerned but for the devices working all day long and creating continuous data it becomes challenging to cloud computing to manage and analyze that amount of data in a given time. It may affect the performance of the device and application but can be controlled.

  • Communication of devices.

Cloud computing and IoT require an active internet connection for proper functioning. Cloud computing can store data over time and can manage but IoT requires an active internet connection to manage things.

The best cloud-based IoT solutions platforms.

Some companies provide IoT Solutions integrated with cloud computing while many others are working on overcoming challenges. All of them aim for the best integrity, scalability, security, and accessibility.

Here are some best cloud-based IoT services providers and the services offered by them.

Amazon web service AWS

  • Amazon kinesis
  • Amazon lambda
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon IoT

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure scaling
  • Azure security
  • Microsoft IoT hub


  • Oracle IoT cloud platform
  • Oracle cloud data analyzing


The integration of IoT and cloud computing has ruled the technology and with the innovations in technology in future the cloud computing will be playing a major role. New applications coming from this combination referred to as IoT cloud is opening more modern avenues for enterprise in the research section.

Cloud computing is available on-demand is the one thing that makes it more and more valuable. This fashion will supplement the use of more IoT devices in the cloud computing model.

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