Classification of Framework Architectures
20 September, 2022
The Primary Classification of Framework Architectures

The functionality of your website partly depends on the technology used in its implementation and majorly depends on the design used in development. Therefore, practical functionality lies in the design, which can also serve as a prototype before the actual product. We shall base our discussion on framework architectures and their typical classifications. However, before…

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web hosting guide
14 September, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

The sole purpose of developing a website is to get it online to gain more revenues or generate a significant user base. Therefore, if you have a website that can support your business, you will…

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Google App Engine
13 August, 2022
Google App Engine in Cloud Computing

Google is today a household name across the globe. With the rapid growth of technology, activities and services are becoming digitalized. This makes cloud computing services a necessity everywhere. Businesses are now pegging their growth…

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