Serverless Database
23 January, 2023
Serverless Database: Everything You Need to Know

Working on a new project as a developer imposes more responsibility on you to make wise decisions, particularly about the strategy you should employ for backend development. First, you must establish the database you'll utilize for the entire development process. There are several database options for software or web development, but a serverless database combines…

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Two Factor Authentication System in Cloud Computing
30 July, 2022
Importance of Two Factor Authentication System in Cloud Computing

Two-factor Authentication is no longer an optional feature. If you employ current cloud services, this added layer of protection may drastically lower the chance of a hostile takeover. Unless you go to exceptional measures, practically…

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Role of Cloud Computing in IoT solutions
23 July, 2022
Role of Cloud Computing in IoT Solutions

The Internet of things (IoT) is paving its way through the technologies along with cloud computing. As the IoT is bringing a huge change in the future besides this cloud computing is also emerging as…

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