Advantages of Using React Native for App Development

Advantages of Using React Native for App Development

According to statistics, 80% of the total internet usage is carried out via mobile devices which has led to the significance of mobile app development. Even businesses are focusing more on mobile apps and social, media platforms to advertise their products due to the high usage. Developers also prefer frameworks that are cross-platform friendly so that they do not need to develop separate apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, etc. One of the most popular JSX based frameworks for mobile app development is React Native.

React Native app development provides a developer-friendly environment for businesses to create apps that are user-friendly as well as performance efficient. The mobile-based applications which have been developed using React Naïve ensure that the business these apps are representing gets expansion and client reach.

Advantages of Using React Native 

Some of the major advantages of developing mobile-based applications using react native include the following:

  • Live reload

React Native framework allows you to create extremely powerful mobile-based applications because of the amazing features. The live reload feature enables the developers to review and observe the changes made in code just by a single click. All the developers need to do is update the code and click on Live reload and you will see two windows open as a result. One window will show the code and the other one will show the mobile screen with the effect of the code. This can help the developers catch issues and bugs immediately and avoid obvious errors.

  • High performance

The architecture of React Native is built upon the logic that is extremely mobile-friendly. It utilizes the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) which makes it working super fast and mobile users do not experience lagging or slowness with apps built on this platform.

  • Cross-platform friendly

Another huge advantage of the Reactive Native framework is that it enables developers to build apps that are compatible with various platforms. This saves money on building separate apps for separate platforms and also speeds up the process. The coding done in React Native can be shared between these platforms and the maintenance cost is also low making this framework one of the most commonly used for developers across the globe.

  • Native App components

The building blocks utilized in React Native are similar to that of IOS and Android and in order to bring these blocks together, Java is used. This fact makes it simpler to monitor native mobile apps under this framework and obtains smooth app functionality.

  • Developer friendly

React Native is developer-friendly and does not require developers to learn a new programming language in order to work in this platform. While programming they do not need to render huge lines of code or UI, they can simply use components, declare their properties, and get the required functionality done.

  • Famous React Native Applications

The most well-known mobile application which utilizes React Native is Instagram. Other applications include Wal-Mart, Facebook Ads, Townske,, etc…

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