Advantages of Ionic framework

Advantages of Ionic for Cross Platform App Development

Hybrid Apps have been proven to be better as compared to native apps due to their wide range of features and cross platform compatibility. These applications are also better when it comes to speed and performance as well. In order to carry out development of hybrid apps Ionic framework is widely adopted nowadays due to its amazing set of features.

Ionic is an HTML5 open source development framework used for development of hybrid mobile based applications. The languages used by this framework include HTML, JS and CSS and this framework handled UI interaction very well which results in enhancing the look and feel of the mobile apps.

A few benefits of ionic mobile app development are mentioned below:

  • Open Source

The Ionic mobile development framework is open source making it accessible for developers and the community of Ionic is also huge and active which makes it easy for developers to address their concerns and issues.

  • Adaptable

The developers who are familiar with common front end languages such as Java Script, HTML and CSS can easily adapt to this user interface framework as it utilizes these languages. In case you need to switch from native to hybrid mobile apps then also it is recommended to switch to Ionic framework as this transition will be simple and easy.

  • Built on Angular JS

Angular JS is the most common platform for building up mobile based applications. Ionic framework has been built on top of the Angular JS framework and this combination enables the developers to build modern mobile apps which are also as per the standards of current app application.

Due to the usage of Angular JS the applications are flexible and enhanced and the working of the applications is also smooth and seamless. The two way data binding technology also helps the application to transfer data to and from and get things done.

  • Cross Platform Compatible

Ionic framework enables the mobile application developers to built apps in less time and efficient working. This framework is supported by the version 4.1 of Android and all versions which came afterwards. It is also supported for IOS 7 and up and Universal Windows Platform in order to develop application for Windows 10.

  • User Interface

The themes repository provided along with Ionic app development framework is huge and consists of customizable themes making it possible for developers to make applications with dynamic and amazing user interfaces. The components of the app adapt to the platform on which it is running automatically with the help of ionic development framework.

  • High Performance

The performance of the apps developed using Ionic app development framework is impressive. The CSS transitioning technology helps in leveraging the GPU which results in maximizing the processor time and makes your applications faster.

  • Cordova Plug-ins

Cordova plug-ins consists of seventy functional plug-ins which are very helpful for developers. This feature enables them to add rich and dynamic functionalities to mobile applications making them user friendly. The integration and configuration of these plug-in is also simple and less time consuming making this framework highly developer friendly.

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