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Xamarin Mobile App Development Pros & Cons

Mobile App Development has become a necessity nowadays due to the increasing number of mobile users. A variety of platforms, frameworks, and programming languages have been introduced in order to make mobile-based applications fast, reliable, and user-friendly. One of these recent developments is the introduction of Xamarin which is a cross-platform mobile development tool that allows the developers to share the majority of the code across different platforms.

Xamarin uses C# .NET Framework for app creation across all the major platforms. The applications built in Xamarin are high in performance and have a native look and feel.

Pros of Xamarin Development

Xamarin App Developer community of over 1.4 million developers which makes it a very popular option among mobile application developers. The advantages of using this tool include the following:

Reusable Source Code

The .Net framework is utilized by Xamarin combined with C# in order to create apps for mobiles. These factors make above 90% of the code reusable on different platforms such as Android, IOS, etc. This tool does not require developers to switch between different environments and the cross-platform development tools are also provided as a built-in part of the IDE.

Good Performance

The cross-platform friendly apps build with the help of Xamarin perform like native apps and their performance is good.

Native User Experience

The mobile apps developed in Xamarin provide users with a flawless experience and are user-friendly in nature. The built-in features of Xamarin like blocks, forms enable the developers to code with speed and it is an extremely helpful tool for the development of business-oriented applications.

Hardware Support

This tool helps in building mobile applications which do not experience any hardware compatibility issues.

Open Source Technology

The Xamarin Company was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2016 and after that, the Xamarin SDK, command-line tools, libraries, etc have become open-source which resulted in the immense growth of this platform.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of this cross-platform-friendly mobile app development tool is easy as you just need to update the source code and the changes will be deployed to both Android and IOS. This results in saving time as well as reducing maintenance costs.

Developer Friendly Ecosystem

The Xamarin package is equipped with a complete tool kit that includes an IDE, platforms, test cloud, analytics, and distributions, etc and the developers do not need to integrate third-party apps to carry out development.

Cons of Xamarin Development

Xamarin Development toolkit has got a few disadvantages as well which are listed below:

Delayed Support for Platform Updates

It is not possible for third-party tools to follow up the system updates of platforms like IOS, Android, etc immediately. So a con of this tool is that sometimes the developers may take a while to provide quick support to the system updates.

Limited access to Open Source Libraries

Native development requires a lot of open source technologies and while using Xamarin you have access to the built-in components only which makes things difficult for developers sometimes.

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