virtual jewellery try-on app
23 March, 2023
How to Build a Virtual Jewellery Try on the App

With the advent of online buying and retail, clients were used to the convenience and round-the-clock customer service they often lacked in the pre-digital period. While many retail categories saw success with digital channels, high-end retail segments like jewellery could not achieve the same level of acceptance. The development of Augmented Reality (AR) has the…

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What is Visual Positioning System
16 February, 2023
What is Visual Positioning System (VPS) and Use Cases?

Visual Positioning is a technology that enables electronic devices such as mobile phones and drones to determine their physical location on geographic maps using massive data systems like Google maps and visual clues, e.g., landmarks…

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Augmented Reality Frameworks for App Development
18 October, 2022
Augmented Reality Frameworks for App Development

The development of mobile applications is driving various commercial gains. Thus, multiple technologies are employed to develop high-end apps with unique functions. Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology for creating mobile applications. Do you…

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