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Progressive Web App Frameworks

One of the growing businesses is the development of web applications. Therefore, this means that the technological field is growing speedily in terms of development. It is also essential to realize the growing nature of tools that are developed daily with the increased need for web applications. The tools serve different purposes, and therefore, most of them tend to ease the entire development process. Another essential factor to consider is that businesses face difficulty deciding what they should opt for in terms of development. When developing business software, companies may opt to use websites to advance their services. Some may also opt for mobile applications, and others may opt for both. It is crucial to understand the business’ capabilities in building websites or applications, or both. If there are sufficient tools to make any of them or both of them, there is no need for hesitations. Regardless of these confusions, companies and businesses should ensure having an online presence regardless of their approach.

Progressive development of web applications comes in substantial courtesy of the essential programming and web development languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, etc.  Such languages come with many features to develop some of the best web applications.  With progressive app development, most people enjoy a range of app-like experiences and therefore create a passion for using the applications. Before we venture into some of the essential ingredients that spice up progressive web app development, let our first venture consider what advanced web app development involves.

Understanding a progressive web application

Right from the name, you can guess what a progressive web application is. An advanced web application is an application software delivered through the web. It, therefore, supports common development strategies and technologies that implement languages such as CSS, HTML, etc. With such applications, the user has the full potential of using the desktop and mobile with a seamless experience. Unlike other applications, these needless to no need of a digital distribution system. Such applications run perfectly well on some of the common browsers such as Firefox, opera, and chrome.

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The working of a progressive web application

After developing a progressive web application, the subsequent anticipation is that the application gets installed on the system. Doing so will help you depict some of the most significant advantages of the application. With low to no internet connectivity, you will still access the services of a progressive web application. How comes you can still access what you want even in the absence of the internet? How does it work? Not all these are magical, only that the application’s development gets designed to forge a lot of advantages absent in other types of applications. Such applications ensure to reach out to cached data as per the user’s interaction with the application. Another essential feature about the application is that the application’s installation is also possible from a website. You do not necessarily need to visit the app store to access it. Having understood some of the few basics of advanced web applications, let us explore some of the most standard tools and frameworks crucial for building advanced web applications. Let us first examine some of the frameworks of progressive web apps you will always find essential when building progressive web applications.

The best tools and frameworks for building progressive web applications 

  • Angular

Angular JS

Angular is one of the resourceful frameworks supported by Google since 2009. It is a tool that has served a great role for most developers. It is one of the reliable JavaScript frameworks that enable the proper creation of responsible, robust, and interactive applications. Therefore, if you have little advanced knowledge in JavaScript, you can always rely on Angular to develop the best applications for different purposes. Through Google’s support, the framework approaches advanced web applications through a stepwise and precise methodology. Implementation of such frameworks is even more accessible than ever before and enables an easy and faster development process.

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  • React

reactjs framework

React is also another reliable framework that is common with progressive web application development. Moreover, React is a Facebook-based framework popular among most developers because of its exclusivity in JavaScript libraries. Facebook has a greater responsibility of maintaining the framework to ensure it supports the changing developmental techniques and strategies. Therefore, with consistent maintenance, the framework provides scalability and flexibility in most applications that use it. It comes with a wide range of advantages to enjoy.

Developers enjoy the reusability of code in native applications. Therefore, as you aspire to build a robust, flexible, and scalable application, do not forget to React in your option of frameworks. You can always suggest React to your developers’ team and enable the implementation of more advanced features to satisfy the final application’s satisfying usage.

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  • Vue

It is a JS framework that has seen most big businesses scale up speedily by developing fast, reliable, and robust progressive business web applications. Even though it sounds newer than the previously discussed frameworks, Vue supports greater features to enjoy and is a joy to use. It helps one of the best and faster libraries and therefore compiling simplistic code together.  It serves some of the biggest and renowned organizations in the world, such as Alibaba.

  • Ionic

In 2013, Iconic was already available to move the web development sector to a different level. It is one of the standard open-source frameworks that consists of resourceful libraries that are vital tools for the developer. A good factor about it is that it puts into consideration both the iOS and Android developers. It is, therefore, to develop application versions for either of the operating systems—iconic supports running of web pages inside a browser through Webview. More importantly, there are greater possibilities of rendering the webpages to be identical for native applications. Some of the advantages you will enjoy using Iconic are its freeness, which cuts off extra development costs, built-in tools to support easy maintenance, and a vast community of users.

  • Polymer

Another robust open-source framework, also under the support of Google, is Polymer. Like other frameworks, Polymer supports a range of advanced features for the developer. Some of the standard features with Polymer are templates, web components, etc. it is a unique framework because it enables the development of adaptable, flexible, and robust web applications. It also supports some of the essential features as responsive layouts, routing, data tiers, etc.


Technological development is scaling so fast in the current generation; as technology grows, everyone focuses on tools that will make the implementation of specific roles or services more manageable. One of the best ways businesses and huge organizations try to reach out to potential customers is through applications. Therefore, the development of applications is now joint in the business sector. However, you do not need to develop an application without considering the requirements to make that app up and working correctly. It follows that we go through specific developmental guidelines to ensure every application runs fine. Therefore, tools simplify the development of the applications and make the development process easier and faster. The above frameworks will always be of great necessity, especially when creating advanced web applications in the business sector.

So, these are the best frameworks for progressive web apps, if you have any queries then feel free to contact us.

Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.