Tips For Getting a Top-Notch Programmer for Starting a Company

Finding a great programmer is a pretty challenging process, but this step is pretty essential. Remember that your future companies’ software quality solely relies upon the experience and competence of the programmers that you hire right now. Hence once you choose an incompetent programmer, then the software produced via this programmer might be pretty bad, and you might end up losing a lot of money. Therefore, finding the answer to the “Where can a startup company owner find a great programmer for their project?” question becomes pretty essential. In this reading, we shall help you find, review and dig deep into the background of programmers before you hire them. Hence, once you read this article, you will, without a doubt, be able to vet and hire the top-notch programmer for your startup company.

Reasons as to why you should start searching for a Programmer(s) for your Startup

Let us start our review by going through the current digital market stats as of 2021, plus its highlight perspectives on why you should always follow up the Information Technology sector.

For starters, the IT market, globally, is currently valued at around 4.24 trillion dollars. What’s more, the future of IT looks pretty promising, with the sectors’ value looking to go up to 4.74 trillion dollars by 2022. Another factor to consider is that we are in a technological era, which means that tech devices are being used by many people worldwide. And these devices also come in handy for a lot of tasks. The Covid-19 pandemic has also forced many businesses to move their services to online platforms, increasing the usage of technical devices. The shift to online platforms has paved the way for many startup companies that can reach larger masses quickly.

Moreover, it is vital that startup companies achieve success within the first couple of months after launching, which relies solely on the product quality offered. Finding a great, experienced, and competent software developers raises the chances of producing significant and high-quality products. Which ultimately increases your chances of success as a company within no time. You should also find competent coders who demonstrate outstanding performance and comprehend the solutions and aims offered by your company for further advancement and promotions.

Primary “programmers finding’ steps

Finding the top-notch programmers for your company is not just challenging but also a bit tricky, even for big company CTOs. When it comes to non-tech individuals, especially startup company owners, this process becomes even more strenuous.

Different specialists work with different frameworks and programming languages. Hence, before you rush into hiring a programmer, you have to first map out your precise needs per the programmer you require.

Start by answering these brief but helpful questions:

  1. What audience are you targeting?
  2. How would you like your application to stand out based on similar solutions?
  3. Who falls under my competitor’s radar? What are their unique features?
  4. Is your application going to bring in money to your company? If so, then how?
  5. What features do you plan to implement (search, payment, authorization, and so much more)?
  6. Which Operating system will your application be running on, Android or iOS?

Remember that programmers only work on an idea. They might not comprehend the inner workings of your companies’ market or niche, but when it comes to working on an idea, they can handle it perfectly. Hence, all you need to do is find competent and skilled programmers, provide marketing insights, and watch your business grow.

Ideally, when finding the best programmers for your startup company, you also need to develop these aspects:

  1. A list containing unique and core features of your future application
  2. A platforms list covering: TV, wearable, desktop, mobile
  3. The user interface design of your future application

Now let us look at the steps involved in finding the top-notch programmers for a startup company:

How to efficiently find Programmers that suit your Startup Companies with no Failing Chance

After successfully identifying project needs, you are supposed to clear them efficiently for software vendors to understand. When you provide incredible and in-depth details as per the product you want, the specialist you hire receives a pretty clear view of the product. Hence, knowing the details of your requirement helps make the programmer finding process less tedious.

Here are incredible tips for applying when searching for the perfect programmers for your Startup:

Remote Programmers

1. Develop a features list

Whether you choose your programmers from the in-house, outsourced, or freelance category, they will all ask you for a features list.

You can split your features list into:

  1. Features to be developed first to reduce marketing time
  2. Advanced features, meant to attract more customers.

2. Define platform

The platform on which your application will be running plays a major role in finding the dedicated programmers for the project. A couple of platforms exist, which include:

  1. Smart Tv (WebOS, Tizen, Android)
  2. Wearables (WatchOS, Wear OS)
  3. Desktop (macOS, Linux, Windows)
  4. Mobile(iOS)
  5. Web browser

You should also check out the tech requirement. For instance, when developing an android application, you should find programmers who work with:

  1. Kotlin
  2. Java

For iOS, you should look for programmers good at:

  1. Objective C programming or Swift

For web, frontend look for programmers good at:

  1. CSS
  2. HTML5
  3. JavaScript
  4. React
  5. AngularJS

For backend:

  1. NodeJS
  2. C#
  3. PHP

For Desktop projects:

  1. Java
  2. C#
  3. Python
  4. C++

3. Find user interface designer

No UI (user interface) means nothing for programmers to work on at all.

Users interact with the user interface, hence making it presentable becomes a priority. Thus the widgets, buttons, fonts, and color schemes should all create an incredible and stylish look. The UX/UI designers carefully choose these elements keeping in mind the effect of each element on the companies’ product sales.

Programmers and designers work hand in hand to make a great UI. When working with freelance designers, you have to factor in the availability factor. Remember that the design might have an error and without a designer fixing this error becomes an issue.

Working with in-staff designers boost communication between the designers and programmers even after the project has been completed. Offshore designer teams are also great options even when on vacation. Their team leader or colleagues are still available to provide answers to any inquiries posed.

Where you can find Programmers

There are only three main options when it comes to programmers:

  1. Freelancers

Individual programmer

  1. In-house programmers

Programmers that work exclusively for your company

  1. Outsourcing companies

Here, you delegate an off-shores company to work on your project for you.

Each of these categories bears different advantages and disadvantages, costs, and benefits too. It would help if you researched the three to identify their upside and match them to your companies’ needs. With that in check, finding top-notch programmers becomes pretty easy.


Programmers define your startup companies’ software future. Making the wrong choice ultimately means that the results will eventually drag your company down. On the other hand, the right choice means that you get to enjoy significant profits in no time.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.