Difference Between jQuery and Ajax
29 June, 2022
Difference Between jQuery and Ajax

Ajax and jQuery are two online programming languages designed to provide an environment that is user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing on websites. The primary distinction between Ajax and jQuery is that jQuery is more of a JavaScript-based framework, while Ajax is a methodology or method for connecting with the server without refreshing the web page.…

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Best Chatbot Frameworks
27 June, 2022
Best Chatbot Frameworks in 2022 and Beyond

Chatbots have become more common over time, and you will now find them on almost any social networking network, including Facebook, Telegram, Hangouts, Slack, and your website. It requires a lot of time and resources…

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iOS programming languages
21 June, 2022
Top Programming Languages for iOS App Development 2022

iPhone has been a household name for a while, so no one could tell when it came into the market. The chances are that you have the latest model but cannot tell which was the…

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