Recent Cloud Service Trends 2017

Recent Cloud Service Trends 2017

Cloud governance and a lot many takeaways from 2017

Confident Governance is the Real Game

As the world has been going deeper into enterprise cloud services, the need to recollect and reiterate the setup and maintenance processes has gained paramount importance. With an in-depth research and keen market watch Aalpha comes up with the best and the most intelligent steps an enterprise can take to yield the best results and achieve the top-notch efficiency at business processes. 

Latest Technologies in Cloud Computing

Controlled Cloud Management

With this we shed light on the functionalities of a cloud encompassing the management of all the cloud-based resources including the APIs, invading security, computational ability and efficient storage management. The cloud administrators are in total control of who gets how much access and in which manner which helps him segregate the users as well as resources into definite categories and manage the overall operations recently efficiently. FYI, the user analysis of such a cloud system gets elongated to an indefinite extent as an average enterprise looks to manage roughly 10,000 resources. In such a scenario, the use cases are complex. Moreover, this can be eyebrow-raising fact that only 18-20% of the computational and data load belonging to an enterprise find its place on the cloud.

Dynamic Firewall

In this era of rapidly changing technologies, the tech industry is passing by the arena of dynamic cloud security. This lends an intelligent ability of dynamically reacting to the threats and breaches attempted over the cloud. This nullifies the risk of hackers’ attack and malicious invasions carried out with ill-intentions.

The greatest takeaway from the recent incidences of intended invasions is that keeping all the ongoing processes, data and the in-use resources over the on premise platform cannot effectively protect your environment from hackers. Every proactive cloud admin needs to understand that diverting the workloads over public clouds is a recent trend that has found attention and is known to be working well for the enterprise datacentres.

Artificially Intelligent Cloud Management

The smart cloud management technique is all about initiating automated responses to all sorts of management tasks involved in the back-end operation of a cloud going on in a dynamic environment. All this efficiently takes care of the performance metrics, resource management, cost-effective billing and green cloud operations.

In this regard, all the major cloud service providers like AWS, Google and Microsoft can find the gaps in prevailing habitual practices at cloud and all of them are working to words filling the loopholes as quickly as possible. The smart tech players can foresee greener cloud initiatives and energy efficient services from all the cloud service providers around the globe. Energy aware cloud operations has been able to register their needs and sheer importance.

Benefits of Competition among Public Cloud Providers

The best and a very positive aspect of having two major competitors in this service domain is that enterprises knowingly or unknowingly are driven towards least complex cloud solutions possible under the given constraints. None of the services among these players of public clouds services such as AWS or Azure is bad. Aalpha idealizes the growth of one consistently maintained cloud service with an innovative focus on the functionalities it offers and the skills it possesses. Although, this puts you at a risk of missing on the best of the lot technology where you could have deployed the best possible combo of the services put in an attractive array of operations. But loyalty with a particular service once availed gives you the obvious advantages of robust and predefined abilities that are closely integrated by a single vendor.

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