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Do you need an Investment in Progressive Web App Development?

What is the only static thing in this evolving trend of technology? If you research this question all around, you would get to know that in this world of technology when everything is changing nothing can be termed as static! Every business venture needs a good change with technology. Some businesses needs and requirements rely on native applications and thus, it demands change. One of the leading research houses, Gartner said that by 2019 approx. 10,000 applications would stop working. With change in technology, applications too demand a versioned form because applications are a good development goal for all type of businesses. It is extremely crucial for all type of businesses to go for novel app development approach. What makes an amazing Progressive web application? Its the innovative ideas that can do wonders. How can Progressive web apps be the future of web development and should we really invest in it? Let’s first talk about what a Progressive Web App Development actually means?

You can also call it as Mobile web. It has different names like Mobile App, Native mobile app or Progressive Web App. All entrepreneurs have same question that is should they invest in mobile app. Though there are many options to attract potential users. We can say that the most appropriate choice is the Progressive Web application that provides secure, fast and native apps. You can say that web application is the perfect technical solution for your business. What are the three vital things needed for the Progressive web applications? The three things are reliability, speed and engagement. People nowadays don’t like to waste their time on small things. No one is ready to wait for an application to load. Thus, an ideal web app should have a good loading speed regardless of the network state. Not only this it should have a good response time as well as should offer a full screen experience.

What are the Core Features of Progressive Web App?

How can you differentiate a traditional web app from a progressive web app? It can be differentiated by comparing the core features of progressive web app. Here are the core features of web app:

  • Accessibility to Mobile APIs

If you see you would notice that traditional web apps run in a different form in browser which reflects their inaccessibility towards the devices. Progressive web apps have a good access to core functionalities of mobile devices. Thus, web apps are more actionable in comparison because they are not isolated from the rest of the device. A web app with good functionalities of GPS, camera and Bluetooth  makes it different from the traditional form of web app.

  • Independence in Connectivity

If we want a web application to be considered as a mobile app or a progressive web app then the users should be able to access the app without any internet access. In traditional web apps you would see that we attempt to access the web app it shows an error popup. This isn’t true for a progressive web app, thought it would have some limited functionalities but the users can access it! Progressive web apps are independent of connectivity, thus it helps its users to easily connect with the progressive web app even without an internet connection.

  • Alike Mobile-App

A progressive web app may seem like a mobile application because they are responsive and fit in all the screens. Everything is similar to a mobile application like its size, the app style navigation, interface etc. Progressive web apps also support push notifications likewise mobile application.  It is independent of browser and thus you need not have to worry about the default browser running on the device of user.

  • Installable on the User’s Device

The best thing is that a progressive web app can be added as an icon. They generally consume a very less storage space on the device.

  • Progressive Web Apps are Easy to Discover

They have similarities with mobile app and thus, SEO may be a concern. Progressive web apps can easily be discovered on search engines as well as are as good as traditional web applications.

Technologies that are used by Progressive Web Apps

What do technologies consider in Progressive Web apps? Different technologies that are used to build it gives unique as well as seamless experience through the application. The technologies used in it differentiates it from traditional web apps and single page applications. Here are some of the vital technologies used in Progressive web apps:

  • A metadata configuration, display mode and icons are there is progressive web apps due to Metadata.
  • In progressive web apps, service worker helps it to work without internet connection. It helps to provide an offline experience.
  • Progressive web apps are not opened directly through the browsers. Thus, web storage is needed to manage the sessions of browser.
  • Mobile apps use database libraries. Progressive web apps need a something to store the data. There are some non relational databases like PouchDB, RxDB etc, helps it to store data.

Are there any Benefits of Progressive Web apps for Start-ups ?

It’s a digitized era and every start-up nowadays has a requirement of website, software, a native app to support it main operations. We know it very well that to get everything requires a good expenditure in development, deployment and maintenance. Whereas if we talk about Progressive web apps, they are simple and thus take less time in development and deployment in comparison. Thus, for start-ups its a good investment as it saves turnaround time which is vital for any new business.

  • Progressive web apps are sleek unlike mobile applications. They are swift unlike web apps because they do not have heavy dependencies.
  • Progressive web apps definitely need an internet connection but it there is lack of internet connectivity for some reason or the other, it does not breaks the performance of a progressive web app. It also works fine in slow internet speed and thus it makes it better from traditional web app.
  • Progressive web app keeps you engaged with the users continuously. It gives users immersive full screen, web push notifications, control over app, and its launching.
  • Progressive web app allows its users to click on the app icon instead of typing in a URL in the browser. Users can install progressive web apps without visiting app store which makes its usage easy.
  • A native mobile app requires 50 to 100 MB of storage space on user’s device but a progressive web app requires lesser space in comparison to it. Its easy on storage space and barely requires 1MB of storage space in the device of user.

We can say that Progressive web apps are the mixture of mobile as well as traditional web apps but it cannot be used all the times for every single web product idea. You should use progressive web app as your product idea only if it needs frequent engagement, functionality in device, targets users with slow internet connectivity, etc. You need to know that there are some general cases to build a progressive web app. What a progressive web app is? Its a perfect combination of native mobile software and a web application which is built to improve user experience. It increases retention rates and thus, ensures more profits by higher conversation rates. The value of a business can not be just determined by customer satisfaction. There are critical factors like enhanced security, low development costs etc that are responsible for the success of business. Thus, there are different businesses like Twitter, Uber, Forbes have deployed progressive web app.

We can say that progressive web apps are the future of web development. Thus, we can say that its good opportunity for start-ups to switch to progressive web app strategy. It may lead to high profits with an investment in progressive web app.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.