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Common Mistakes to Avoid during React Native App Development

There is a widespread use of smartphones. Due to the marketplace surge, organizations are leaning towards mobile app development. In successful mobile app development, the major step is selecting a good platform, native app solution, or cross-platform.

Factors to consider while making decisions in app development

One codebase

To target a wide audience, you need to reach them via all possible channels. If you choose a cross-platform app development, you can build a good mobile app that runs seamlessly across all platforms and multiple devices.

Large platform support

Whether you prefer a native app or cross-platform development technologies, large support will help build an intuitive application. The react Native is a community-driven platform that shares expertise, knowledge, and huge catalogs for open-source components.

As you develop cross-platform apps, the recommended choice is the react-native. React native is more popular than other competitor platforms like PhoneGap, Ionic, and Cordova. The react Native has shown to be fit for large-scale investment.

To get maximum profits when you use react native app development, you must avoid errors. The following are major mistakes you need to avoid in developing react-native applications.

React Native Common Mistakes 2024 

Mistakes to Avoid During React Native Development

  • The unoptimized images

Most app developers and designers don’t center on image optimization. Image optimization is a vital step that can increase the loading time and enable users to question applications’ authenticity.

Image optimization improves application performance and also makes it lightweight. Picture optimization enables easy to upload to cloud storage.

If you don’t optimize the images, they will consume huge space and a great memory. You should never make the mistake of abandoning images unoptimized. The following are ways you can optimize your images:

  1. Make smaller images before you upload them into the react.
  2. Use local caching photos.
  3. Webpage format speeds up the loading time and reduces the binary size bundle.
  4. Use JPG after PNG.
  • Use of stateless components

The react native states are confusing. It leads developers into two mistakes:

  • Usage of stainless components

Most developers opt for stateless to boost applications performance. The stateless components don’t have local states.

Their functions return in the DOM structure. They need to use React or pure components as a better solution.

  • Introduce states in a wrong way

Initialization is another common mistake that most developers make. Developers need to use the set State function to start and retrieve new state objects. If the previous state has a poor setting, the cycle can’t break. The application provides remarkable performance.

  • External modules and coding practices

Most app development companies don’t integrate foreign codes. External modules make things simpler and quicker.

It can’t affect app functioning because modules break. Developers use external modules for app advancement effective settlement of issues.

  • Not obeying protocols

Disobedience of react native app development basic protocols can make an application fail. The development framework has huge coding practices that you can use to enhance codes readability. Failure to observe standard protocols will hinder the performance of the mobile app.

  • Misaligned redux store planning

When a developer plans for app layout, giving less attention to app handling, you make a serious mistake. The redux store planning is important in debugging app rates, storing data, and managing it well. Planning is suitable for large-scale projects as developers have to write long lines for code making and make any little changes.

While adopting the react-native applications, you need to focus on needs in the application layout planning. Give less focus on data handling. To make the process easy, you can use Redux. It’s a nice tool to store and manage the data well, especially on large-scale applications.

For the minor modifications, you should write the same length code. Use the Redux for massive applications and limit it to smaller projects. Redux can mess up the logic tests, application data flow, and debugging if you don’t plan well. Use the below strategies in your application:

  1. Arrange the files by creating a store hierarchy.
  2. Make use of the first reducer function.
  3. Configure the store.
  4. Integration and inclusion of many reducers.
  5. Add middleware.
  • Wrong estimation

React Native has code reusability and reusable components. During react native app development, developers have to understand the app page layout, and the page structure varies depending on the platforms used. While building a web app, a developer needs to check all endpoints provided by the backend.

The only way to handle app logic well is to code well all the endpoints. As you estimate your needs, you have to prepare for 2 different layouts. You also need to have in your mind the database stricture.

  • Reading the codes of the external modules

You will have problems if you fail to read the external module codes. It’s common to build external modules as it saves time. It’s easier because they have tagged documentation. Sometimes, the modules don’t work to the expected level or break. It’s thus vital to concentrate on the code and read them well to avoid all mistakes. Identify the issues linked with modules and seek proper guidance on tackling and solving these issues.

  • Coding practices

If your coding practices are terrible, you won’t build the app by levering the practice. You need to make modifications severally if needed. If you can’t open a code, you will have to write the code in a large piece. If you have started coding, don’t start making a plan.

Start with a plan that you will use to enter into coding. To get better coding readability, you have to use benefiting coding habits. It’s good to adopt a property structuring option. Give variables names like unique life cycle, methods, and component elements.

  • Console large statements

The statement aids in debugging the execution of apps. If console.log.iOS remains in the app, it turns critical in affecting the JavaScript thread. An application becomes slow since it involves calls from the document libraries’ redux logger.

  • Unwritten unit test

Another common mistake made by react-native application developers is failing to test the unit. It results from the ingrained habit of failing to write a unit test. It’s risky to move on without getting a written test. It’s cumbersome to address bugs and other problems in the last hour.

Products with glitches will create a negative impression about the brand and product. To limit such incidences, you have to test the product’s functionality. Agree (OK) before the release.

Direct mutation

Datastore and view are in close association. Datastore has all the data in the components. Depending on the state, you will access vie that will consume the new form arriving from the store and displaying the same on your screen. When direct state mutations occur, the above conditions get corrupted. It also disturbs the lifecycle. You will face a stoppage by unmanageable code and heavy application.

  • Ignoring the project structure

The mobile app development includes the react-native developers who can make the project structure mistake. Developers can make the mistake of failing to invest in the framework, thus becoming hard to maintain a project. The best way to adopt is to structure all your problems.


As a developer, you need to avoid all the above mistakes that many other developers commit while developing react-native applications. Limiting these mistakes makes the applications excellent and smooth in their operations. The react native application development possesses everything needed to make the best framework among the available options in the market. To gain better fruitful results, you need to prevent all unhealthy practices. You also need to avoid mistakes to excel in the business. You need to hire a top-notch react native app development company. They will guide you through the entire app development journey. The experienced app developers will offer the best possible services for long-term growth.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.