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10 Beginner-friendly Resources for iOS App Development

10 Beginner-friendly Resources for iOS App Development

The trend of app development is in the continuation and it will not pause in the future. With the advancements in programming languages, app development has now transformed as a profitable field for the developers. There are already many apps available in the market but still, there is a demand for more apps which are advanced and unique. The technological advancement gives rise to the complexity of the apps which are being positioned in the market.

The field of iOS development seems to be lucrative for programmers and the novice programmer wish to make a career in this field. However, he/she should gain sufficient knowledge in this field prior to plunging into the professional career. For that, the need for appropriate resource arises. These resources should be able to convey the concept of particular iOS apps or software in an easy-to-understand manner with sufficient examples as well. This means that these resources for the purpose of iOS app development must be beginner-friendly and should sound useful to a novice developer.

It is true that the process of iOS development is not easy to learn. There is no need to get worried because many amazing resources are available online which can help you get started. After using these resources, you will find that they are an excellent approach to commence the journey in form of an iOS developer or to polish your iOS development skills.                                                

1. Apple’s Swift Language Guide:

If you are fascinated to learn Swift for iOS development then there is no better resource than the Apple’s docs. From this resource, you can get everything like the language’s control flow, syntax, classes, collections, syntactic sugars, and certain contemporary features which are not supported by Objective-C. It is known that tuples, generics, or closures are few of the contemporary benefits special to Swift. You can learn Objective-C, but you have to be master in Swift if you wish to begin iOS development.

The resources available on its website pages can be used as documentation for the Swift language. It is known that Apple even hosts extra resources to let you learn Swift and this is accomplished with the help of sample code and playgrounds, videos, and supplementary documentation like the Swift standard library reference. The objective of the Swift 3.0 release was to fix a consistent standard for the user experience of programmer, and majority of it is outlined by the idioms and names that show ups in APIs. The design guidelines are capable to explain to you how you can confirm that your code perceives as a segment of the huge Swift ecosystem. 

2. Stack Overflow:

Basically, the website of Stack Overflow is a non-tutorial site. The website serves as a Q&A place for different software developers and its functionality is not limited to iOS developers only. Whenever you found out a bug inside your code but rendered with no idea how to fix, simply type “[yourbugconsole_output] stack overflow” into Google and there are high chances that somebody has inquired the same question earlier on Stack Overflow and received the response. If this does not work, you can ask on your own and somebody will help you out. It is known that for iOS development and even for other programming languages, Stack Overflow only approves questions related to programming that is strongly emphasized on a particular problem. 

3. GitHub

GitHub is recognized as the finest place to share the code written by you with other people. Moreover, you are free to make your repositories (private or public), avail certain open source frameworks and you can even collaborate with other people. The site is considered as the best to leverage the learning for iOS development.

In addition to that, one more benefit of using GitHub is that it offers code backup as well as a backup of updates inside your code. All you need to do is  just commit, do some alterations in total 20 different files and, after that, if you are dissatisfied with the outcomes, simply discard them or relocate to another branch.

 4. AppCoda:

If you have already mastered the basics of iOS development, you need to be proficient in the Cocoa framework. You can consider AppCoda as the preferred choice for iOS development. This online resource will allow you to dive deep into iOS development with practical as well as tutorials available for novice developers. For instance, it offers you with learning on introduction to Storyboards and Auto Layout, iOS Hello World app, creating TableViews, delivering e-mails, utilizing the device camera, and much more. It came to know that AppCoda is one of the principal iOS programming communities. The objective of the website is to impart teaching to people on ways to build iOS apps with the help of easy-to-read tutorials. 

5. Ry’s Objective-C Tutorial

You must know the basics of Objective-C as an iOS developer and for that this online resource is the best place. It works to include certain pre-Objective-C required knowledge, introduction to the iOS programming along with details on philosophy, frameworks, Xcode etc. Moreover, it also covers teaching on classes, functions, methods, properties, blocks, protocols, memory management and many more things. You can use this resource even if do not wish to gain learning of Objective-C and wish to go directly to the Swift learning. This is because it serves as a nice starting point and the learning offered is adequate for a Swift developer to not sink in the Objective-C ocean. 

6. is basically a monthly periodical centered on the finest practices and cutting-edge techniques for the purpose of iOS as well as OS X development. Each and every release of this resource encompass some particular Cocoa topic such as optimizing view controllers, security, iOS architecture, Android(!), etc. You may not consider it to be a resource for getting knowledge of frameworks or syntax. The resource is convenient for increasing your iOS knowledge. In addition to that, works to publish videos, books, and articles on the latest techniques for iOS as well as macOS development.

7. Ray Wenderlich Tutorials:

Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials are focused on the similar concept as used by AppCoda. The resource offers detailed and step-by-step illustrated tutorials for novice iOS developers. It even provides intermediate to advanced topics such as iOS networking, iCloud and Core Data integration, WatchKit, Core Graphics and Core Image, and many more. If you are fed up reading the text, there is a facility of video tutorials and many of them are available free without a subscription.

You can quickly learn iOS development and its blog comes with 750 high-quality tutorials. These tutorials impart learning on the trickiest topics in an easy-to-understand approach. When you visit its website, you can get a wide range of video tutorials, written tutorials, podcasts and forum discussions centered on iPhone development. 

8. NSHipster:

NSHipster is a journal that attempts to include those characteristics of Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa which are frequently overlooked. On its website, you can get a big collection of tutorials and articles capable to assist you with iPhone/iPad development. Moreover, you can also get a list of certain books and recommended readings, which may make the task of learning easy.  NSHipster is a journal which is updated weekly and focuses on the overlooked aspects of Swift, Objective-C, and Cocoa.

Some iOS developers may find regular expressions inexplicable, deep with symbols, more similar to a practical joke rather than a logical code base. While some others depend on their succinctness, thinking how anybody could possibly get along in absence of this type of a versatile tool in their store. But one thing all can agree is that in NSRegularExpression, Cocoa owns the most effusive and complex regular expression interface. You can learn these complex things in an easy manner from NSHipster journal.

9. CodePath:

Professionals looking to get started with iOS development, CodePath presents free of cost courses which are customized. The classes delivered from the resources are particularly designed for startup engineers as well as for designers to allow them to learn at their own speed. Its course named ‘iOS development for Engineers’ encompasses every major topic needed to design an iPhone/iPad app. Those who are app designers, this course emphasizes views, animations, navigations, and transitions. It is known that this course continues for eight weeks with two evening sessions conducted every week.

Participants accomplish functional mobile applications and attain code reviews every week apart from taking part in weekly lab, lecture, and a group project. It is known that the course is dedicated to including every key major topic needed to design and execute sophisticated iOS Swift applications. 

10. Geeky Lemon Xcode Tutorials:

The Geeky Lemon XCode 6 tutorials are outstanding for learning ways to develop iPhone and iPad apps. Through step-by-step video walkthroughs and simple to copy and paste code, the tutorials have facilitated the process of iOS development learning to be easy. If you wish to get a thorough insight into iPad and iPhone app development, you can definitely enroll for one or all of the three full-length courses provided.

Concluding Note:

An individual who is novice iOS app developer needs a proper resource for the purpose of effective learning. You can try any of these beginner-friendly resources to get thorough knowledge in this field.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.