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9 Software That Can Improve Data Privacy and Prevent Misuse

The total cost of data breaches for US companies is $8.9 million, and the number keeps increasing by the minute. Also, 67% of internet users are more concerned about their online privacy than ever. This means businesses must take data privacy and protection more seriously.

With this in mind, in this article, we provide the best software you can adopt to ensure data privacy and safeguard sensitive information from misuse. 

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Nine software for data privacy and protection 

Specific data privacy tools promote data privacy and protect your information from intrusion and misuse. Let’s take a look. 

1. Seon 

Seon is an excellent data privacy tool to provide adequate data privacy and prevention for your company’s sensitive data. It enables effective KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to monitor data management risks.

 With SEON, you can conduct ID and face and document verification. You can confirm if you are doing business with authorized customers to prevent intrusion and unauthorized breaches. KYC verification checks help verify users’ identities and credentials to avoid misrepresentation. 

Therefore, by adopting the Seon data privacy tool, you can verify customers’ addresses, financial status, and other contact details. Additionally, it monitors their transactions to identify and prevent suspicious activities.

Consequently, this helps you comply with anti-money money laundering principles (AML) and combat financial terrorism (CFT). You know if your users are who they say they are by running background checks on your customers. This can control the types of transactions you have to safeguard the company’s data privacy and security. 

Seon functionality isn’t restricted to KYC procedures. It offers other features to ensure adequate data privacy for your business. For example, you can obtain transparent insights on fraud from an AI-driven workflow to manage data risks. You can also integrate it with other apps for a seamless and efficient workflow. 

Seon detects new phone numbers and emails, revealing why customers change their contact details. It also offers a sense platform feature to harness device fingerprinting and predictive scoring, reducing fraudulent transactions. 

Finally, if you want to gain maximum control over your data privacy and monitor transactions to prevent data breaches and fraud, Seon is a suitable software. You can perform KYC checks on users to verify their identity, obtain fraud scores, and integrate with other software for a smooth workflow. 

2. Osano 

Osano is a data privacy platform that manages companies’ privacy programs for compliance. Its AI-powered data discovery tool helps you locate where users’ data is and who has access to them. It classifies and examines information across every system automatically, making compliance easy. 

Osano updates you on emerging privacy laws, so you can adjust your data policies and procedures to maintain compliance. Also, it is equipped with consent management software that serves several consents monthly. It automatically blocks and unblocks third-party scripts to ensure access from authorized parties only. 

Since visitors’ consents differ from country to county, Osano enforces the proper requirement based on their geolocation, so your company doesn’t violate any consent law. 

Other than data privacy, Osano serves as an excellent data protection software. It tracks and alerts you on issues, enabling you to prevent data misuse proactively. So, if you want data privacy software that takes compliance seriously, Osano is an excellent pick.

3. Piwik Pro 

An excellent way to maintain data privacy is to seek the user’s consent before collecting, sharing, and selling their data. Piwik Pro is a consent management software that documents and manages customers’ consent choices. It lets you inform users about the data you gather and why. Additionally, it promotes proper consent validation, ensuring data purposes align with their consent. It does this by categorizing information from analytics and tag managers. It also personalizes consent forms to agree with the website’s design and language. 

Piwik Pro further gives end-users complete control over their data by enabling them to change and withdraw their consent when they want to. Its opt-out mechanism function lets consumers opt out easily from collecting and selling their data. 

What’s more? It offers different tracking methods to monitor and gather customers’ information using the most appropriate mediums. As a result, you will meet compliance requirements and protect consumers’ privacy. 

Piwik Pro also gives insights into users’ opt-in and opt-out rates. You can view the number of people who agree to consent messages and those who decline. 

Also, the configuration is easy. You can generate user requests without coding, provide data collection and usage purposes, and comply with privacy policies without coding experience. Personalize forms to suit your needs with JavaScript APIs; you can build consent forms in minutes with the customizable forms available. 

Piwik Pro is an all-in-one software for businesses looking to build an enhanced consent management process. So, collect and manage users’ consent efficiently with this excellent management tool. 

4. OneTrust

OneTrust is data privacy and security software offering several features to keep companies in compliance. Manage DSAR requests using pre-built workflows to meet GDPR demands through appropriate record-keeping procedures. OneTrust helps you comply with all data privacy policies to prevent penalties and protect consumers’ data privacy. 

For example, you can conduct vendor risk assessments to evaluate third-party credibility before accessing users’ information. You can also perform a due diligence onboarding process to ensure those accessing the data follow appropriate procedures. 

OneTrust allows you to create a systematic approach to data organization and management. So, document, evaluate, and review suspicious activities to implement preventive measures. Also, generate customizable cookie banners to provide an active cookie consent on your websites and applications. This way, customers can opt-in and opt-out of tracking, promoting data privacy. 

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. It also comes with different training tools to aid you if you need help getting started, navigating functions, or troubleshooting issues. So, if you want seamless software for compliance, vendor risk management, and users’ consent control, OneTrust comes in handy. 

5. LiveRamp 

LiveRamp is a data privacy and protection software that gives businesses complete control over who accesses their information. It offers an exceptional identity resolution advantage that helps you structure, configure and sustain a unified impression about users. 

Activate data by connecting with your audiences across different channels, and translate information between identity spaces for the best outcomes. It safeguards users’ privacy through privacy-protection features that restrict access to consumers’ sensitive details. 

You can also develop valuable insights on users’ data to make improved business decisions and drive revenue for your company. LiveRamp is the software for a unified consumer identity, data integration, and insights generation. 

6. Secuvy lA

Secuvy AI is a comprehensive tool for data privacy and security needs. From user consent management, privacy risk assessment, data inventory, and more, it gives you all the resources required to prevent information from intrusion and misuse. 

Its consent management feature helps you control consent preferences and create reliable customer privacy processes. This includes cookie consent and monitoring data collection and usage to comply with privacy regulations. 

It also offers privacy risk assessment features that identify, prioritize, and control data risks. It tracks the data collection, sharing, and maintenance to help companies with privacy laws. 

Moreover, you can identify and categorize information to mitigate data misuse. It maps and collates systems, products, and other business activities, allowing you to discover and trace suspicious processes that could lead to data privacy breaches. 

It further ensures compliance through a compliance review report that highlights potential risks and discovers loopholes for improvement. 

Lastly, you can evaluate the companies’ data risk position through actionable insights. Consequently, this lets you adopt preventive measures to stop imminent data privacy violations and misuse. 

Therefore, Secuvy AI is an excellent solution for data privacy and risk control. It’s privacy risk assessment, and consent management enables an effective data management process. 

7. TrustArc

TrustArc is a privacy management tool that lets you deliver transparent data privacy experiences to users. It offers a consent and preference manager that captures consumer consent. It also integrates users’ support and preference from multiple channels for a centralized view. So, validate users’ consent, deliver personalized experiences based on geo locations and interact with consumers from a unified view with TrustArc. 

Finally, it enhances companies’ data privacy management systems through real-time insights and tools. So, if you want to ace your data privacy and management processes, the TrustArc data privacy software is an excellent choice. 

8. BigID

BigID is a data privacy and discovery tool that identifies, classifies, and profiles data in the cloud. It offers accurate data Intelligence for data privacy, security, and management. 

You can automatically create and maintain a personal inventory, and maximize identity intelligence to discover authorized users and hackers. It also helps you to build an all-in-one data source coverage to classify, align and structure information. 

Additionally, create data subject access reports from the inventory and structure them to meet your business’s demands. Also, harness deletion template workflow to integrate right-to-be-forgotten requests. 

Lastly, its third-party data sharing, mapping, and discovery features let you generate data flow maps and third-party reports. Therefore, it’s an efficient software for improving data security and ensuring appropriate data privacy procedures. 

9. NordLayer 

NordLayer supercharges data privacy solutions by protecting the businesses’ sensitive details. 

It authenticates users and devices before they access accounts. It reduces data security risks by bridging security gaps and maintaining compliance. 

NordLayer is equipped with identity and access management tools, enabling adequate verification from those accessing your network.

So, integrate access permissions and security regulations for users using this tool. You can ensure those transacting or operating with your company have legitimate access through this. So, protect your system from breaches, intrusion, and other data privacy threats with NordLayer.


Data privacy is a must-have for organizations that want to maintain compliance, build consumer trust, and protect the business. 

This article discusses nine tools for adequate data privacy and protection for your business. 

They include Seon, Osano, Piwik Pro, OneTrust, LiveRamp, and Secuvy AI. Others are TrustArc, BigID, and NordLayer.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.