Data Migration Best Practices
8 August, 2022
Data Migration Best Practices

What is data migration? Data migration can be simply described as moving data from one point to another. It involves the extraction of the data, which then undergoes a series of preparations before being loaded to the intended destination. It is, however, a complex process that often requires multiple systems and is time-consuming. For an…

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Protect Data In Mobile & Web Apps Using Encryption
22 June, 2022
How Encryption Enhances Data Protection in Web and Mobile Apps

Mobile devices account for over 54% of online traffic. This is because of the shifting trends in how people use mobile devices and applications. The current digital transformation and a global pandemic are the key…

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Data Privacy Softwares
20 May, 2022
9 Software That Can Improve Data Privacy and Prevent Misuse

The total cost of data breaches for US companies is $8.9 million, and the number keeps increasing by the minute. Also, 67% of internet users are more concerned about their online privacy than ever. This…

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