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Precautions you need to take before developing SaaS Products

SaaS Products are software products which are built upon a software distribution model which utilizes a third party provider for hosting applications and these applications are then made available to everyone on the internet. SaaS is a sub category cloud computing, other categories include IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service).

While using Saas the organizations do not need to setup, install and run the developed applications on their computers or data centers.

Precautions to take before choosing SaaS

There are also a few precautionary measures which must not be ignored while choosing to develop SaaS Products. These are listed below:

Choose your SaaS provider with care

In order to get your Saas product developed, you need to choose your vendor wisely. Choose a service provider which provides you cloud based services which are safe and secure. The services provided by the vendor must be embedded with password protected data units and encrypted data must also be provided.

The users must be able to control the access of sensitive data and you must be aware of where the data is being stored and backed up as well as is there any data recovery procedure available or not. The most important factor is the reliability of the vendor. You must ask satisfied customers to give feedback about the services quality of the vendor.

Create a cloud computing policy

A cloud computing policy defines the rules regarding user access and in addition to that it also specified the circumstances and purposes related to the software product. The document also lists down the criteria based on which the users are managed and the means through which users are allowed o access the software application. The copes and other policies related to the product are also mentioned in this document.

Avoid putting ultra-sensitive data onto the system

A cloud based software works on the principal of seamless integration with other applications and the users can experience a centralized experience with these systems. A major disadvantage of this model is that users must not put up personal and sensitive on the cloud as it can be leaked while n being an online platform. You must keep your sensitive data on your local systems.

Practice all the standard internet security measures

Although the SaaS service providers are responsible for providing data security still you will need to take some precautionary measures yourself n order to ensure that your data is safe and secure. The standards security measures which must be followed include running an anti-virus and making sure that the passwords chosen by all your employees are strong.

A secure protocol for password recovery must also be implemented in order to avoid loss of data if an employee forgets his password.

Audit Security controls on regular basis

The management must perform security audits on weekly or bi-weekly basis or hire a third party to perform the security audits and share the results with you. This will ensure that your SaaS product and the data associated to it, is safe and sound.

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