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How to Find Best Software Consultants for your Enterprise?

Software Implementations in Enterprises can require months or even years of hard work. It requires the implementation team to work together with the help of internal as well external resources. So if you think you need external help and are planning to hire a software implementation or system integrator firm we have compiled a list of important points to consider in this regard.

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Creation of a Small Selection Team:

A group of people with Subject matter, business and IT Specialties can make the best decisions about the selection, however these people must:

> Represent all the stakeholders and have input from them.

> Be unbiased and free from individual agendas.

> Have authority to speak for the stakeholders.

> Be able to reach at a consensus.

> Be able to make decisions and make decisions.

Establishment of Objective Selection Criteria and sticking to it:

Before starting any discussions with software implementers and system integrators you should define a clear set of objectives criteria. This is to be clear about your intentions, what you want to achieve and to take out emotions out of the equation.

Knowledge of your Consultants:

You should get to know the candidate firms. Gather knowledge of how they work and of the people working in that firm. Set up several meetings with them before issuing a proposal request. You should go beyond firm’s sales team and should meet with executive sponsors and key project contacts so that by the time you issue RFP (Request for Proposal), you have a good understanding of firm’s qualification and that you are comfortable working with them.

Be Specific About Your Needs:

When Preparing a RFP (Request for Proposal) develop it in such a way that it is easy to evaluate and understand. It should not be blind or vague and should properly define and elaborate your needs so that you receive responses from serious contenders only who understand your needs as well.

Time is of the Value:

Save time as much as possible. If you have prequalified a firm that is according to your needs and can meet them very well then avoid inviting bids and information from other firms just for the sake of satisfying purchasing requirements because this will only waste valuable efforts and time.

Scope of your required work

What will be the firm’s role, serve as project manager, facilitate the process, act as extra helpful hands, or to conduct a turn-key project.

> The level of experience you expect from the firm.

> The type of expertise you seek, Information Technology, Project Management expertise, etc.

> Any list of time-critical milestones for example any merger or acquisitions contracts deadlines.

Due Diligence Report:

You should conduct your own research and not to believe the sales information blindly. You should:

> Speak to the firm’s current and past clients, if possible and allowed speak with clients beyond those referred by the firm.

> Investigate about strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of improvements within the firm and about their methodology in pursuing strengths and tackling weaknesses. Also how they will configure the software you plan to implement.

> Inquire about Firm’s reputation in implementing the software you require, in your industry or in other vicinities.

> Study how long the firm has been in business, their Financial Strengths and other key indicators of business health and power.

> Enterprise Software Implementation asks for a multi-talented team and often requires help from outside Software implementers and integrators. So if you find yourself in a position then apply these six points to find a great consultant firm.

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