Create a Webinar Software

How to Create a Webinar Software in 2023

Today, webinar softwares are becoming popular as all the corporates have shifted their meetings onto these softwares. Due to the pandemic, Zoom has become the most popular webinar, video conferencing software in the world. As it has captured the market due to its early launch. Developing webinar software is complex and expensive. Lockdown due to Covid-19 affected the economy throughout the world. That was the time when webinar software and video conferencing application was most required. So in this article let us see how webinar software works, its features, and its development process.

Basic features of webinar software:

Video streaming: It’s a basic feature that every webinar software must consist of. A host can stream his video with the help of webinar software.

Chat: Each webinar software includes an integrated feature of chatting that allows the members to effectively communicate with each other during the webinar, without creating a mess.

Polls: To engage people during the webinar, a host can create a poll by asking questions to the students.

Record session: A webinar software can have the feature of recording a webinar session. As it’s a most in-demand feature. Today students want to record a session so that they can revise the lecture anytime.

Screen sharing: It’s a basic requirement for every host. A host can share his computer screen to make a better understanding of the topic which is being discussed. It can be useful for presentations and infographics.

Other: There are a lot of features that webinar software has that you can set a background image, turn off the camera and mute your mic, filters are also available.

How much will it cost to develop webinar software?

The development cost depends on the various aspects. As it depends on the features you want in your webinar software, the developer’s skill, and the quality level that you want. After finalizing the prototype, you release the product. The true cost comes after the software launch that includes hosting cost and maintenance service cost by a software developer. Above all, you will need a high-performance CPU as video conferencing requires bandwidth and a high-performance CPU. Before implementing the idea of webinar software development, you should have enough funds to invest in the project. These types of software are among the most expensive software that software developers develop.

What does it take to create webinar software?

Backend Development:

For the correct working of webinar software, Backend development that is the server portion is the initial and the most important part. Softwares can use pre-made Baas solutions. But, webinar software requires complex and advanced technologies. We believe in creating a dedicated server for webinar software.

UI/UX Design:

After the development process, Now it requires designing work. Today, designing is as important as its features. We believe that it is important to have an attractive and easy user interface. UX should be user-friendly that a user should not spend much time understanding the interface and its features.

iOS app:

After developing a structure and design, the software needs to be designed for one of the most popular platforms iOS app. For that using Swift is the best option as it is easier than Objective-C. Also, swift is globally spread. Today, it has become faster and easier to develop webinar software by using third-party services as they were developed to simplify the process of software development.

Android App:

As an Android OS is the one having the most number of users throughout the world. It is beneficial to develop an application for android users also. A good example is the “Zoom meeting app”. Zoom has developed for every platform and especially for android users to attract a large number of users. The third-party apps are different in android app development. The main tool that is required to build a webinar application is WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). This is an open-source technology used for the development of software like video conferencing, webinars, and related software.

So now you have a good understanding of how webinar software develops, what features does it require, and how much it cost. Moreover, an expert software developer is required to develop webinar software. Also, a high-performance CPU and high-speed internet are also required. The development of webinar software is an initial process but if you are a large business and you need webinar software as a product of your business, then there is a need for a huge amount of funding for a marketing campaign to beat the competition. and let me remind you again who is in the competition, It’s a “Zoom meeting application” so you should have a dedicated programmers team, great infrastructure, and a perfect marketing team to get success.

If you are planning to create webinar software then feel free to contact us today.