Cost to Hire Drupal Developer

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Drupal Developer?

In Layman’s terms, Drupal is open-source software. Drupal is an operating system that comprises of features regarding content management. A Drupal development package helps in enabling a user to manage and organize their content. Moreover, users have the option to manage their said web existence with the help of a powerful and reliable Drupal development company.

Drupal is one of the most trending open-source content management platforms. Drupal empowers websites and applications by managing their content and provides reliable performance. Moreover, drupal can build anything from personal blogs to major applications. Furthermore, thousands of add-ons features and designs help in building any kind of website that is required by a business owner from using the concepts of Drupal.

 Why Drupal is important?

  • Why Drupal? It provides optimal SEO usefulness compromising URL control and scientific classification highlight.
  • During the Drupal stage, one can have various web showcasing efforts to fortify transformations.
  • Easy to use to a great extent, simple to develop.
  • One main feature of Drupal is important is its flexible nature.
  • Drupal is a prestigious content management system CMS that surveys for flexible and customizable web solutions, suited for various businesses.
  • Drupal allows us to develop high-quality e-commerce websites; this helps business owners to expand their business online
  • A team of dedicated Drupal developers is highly skilled in establishing advanced web solutions on Drupal with modules, extensions, and template development.
  • Drupal developers are excellent in configuring certain designs into web interfaces on Drupal for UI/UX integrations.

How to hire a Drupal developer  

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to hire a Drupal developer for a project

1: Know why the developer is required

The first step is to understand why a Drupal developer is required, make sure the job title and job description are clear. From this point on making sure to define the desired project requirements in-depth as possible. More importantly, brainstorm with a team what features are required for the project. Be as open and transparent as possible on new ideas.

2: Decide how to employ the developer

Various agencies and companies are providing Drupal developers. However, for a non-technical person, it may be difficult to know. Here are some of the platforms where one can hire a developer

  • Websites

Websites get a lot of traffic from job postings. While looking through a website visit the careers portal to get accurate and updated information about job postings.

  • Drupal CMS is one of the best resources for finding talent for your company. One may find Drupal experts on

  • Freelancing Sites

Common sites such are Freelancer, Upwork, ODesk, Craigslist. These websites provide specific, so keep in mind the desired needs while talking to the candidate.

  • Social Media

Jobs and talents are available on social media. Companies have social media accounts from which they post any job vacancies. Moreover, outsourcing companies provide expert developers while posting on their social media account.

3:  Shortlist the applicants

After deciding what requirements, the employer wants from an employee, shortlist the applicants, and follow the following steps.

  • Analyze the CV

After analyzing the resume, interpret the skills of the applicant. Since finding a Drupal developer-specific skill is required therefore, the resume must reflect the employer’s needs. Go through the resume and highlight the technical requirements for the projects. A Drupal developer should have a strong grip on Php.

  • Contemplate experience level

Focus on hiring developers who have worked on previous versions of Drupal such as “D4” and “D5”. Hiring an experienced developer can be a key asset for the project but experienced developers come with an extra cost.

  • Asking technical questions

While interviewing consider asking technical questions from the developer. Give various scenarios and judge them how would they tackle the problem. Give small tests to check the candidates how they fix bugs and errors if any.

4: Evaluate their technical expertise

A Simple way to evaluate technical skills is by asking about the latest technologies related to Drupal and its previous versions. Also, ask a question related to Php because every Drupal code is written in Php. Knowing Drupal 8 is a plus point as it is the most preferred version.

If an employer decides to hire from an outsource company, ask for past experiences and ask about Drupal facts.

5: Recognize the worthy candidate/team

Once the interviewing stage is over shortlist the worthy applicants. In the case of an outsourcing company, there is a hub of talent across the globe. Find a company that meets with requirements of the project There are more than a thousand Drupal development firms and freelancers across the globe who have their unique working environment so make sure it follows with guidelines of the employer. Some may be transparent in terms of following deadlines and will keep you in a loop so make sure to hire a dedicated team or a developer.

The estimated cost to hire a Drupal developer

The estimated cost to hire a Drupal developer will depend upon how the developer is employed. There are three main categories in which Drupal developers may be hired which are.

Drupal in-house developers

This strategy involves hiring a developer to sit in your designated office and work full time on a decided number of hours.


  • Focus on the project
  • No communication barrier
  • Trouble-free management


  • Hard to find an experienced developer in a specific area
  • Expensive to employ (taxes, health insurance, job benefits, etc.)
  • Expensive hardware and software maintenance

Cost – Average Base Pay USD 105,999/year

Hiring a Drupal freelancer

Freelancers are good for only a specific part of the project. Freelancers tend to change projects and miss deadlines. The come up with their pros and cons which are:


  • Cheap to employ
  • Easy to find someone with a specific skillset


  • Hard to manage
  • Lacks motivation and engagement
  • Inconsistent in terms of the deliverance of a project

Cost – Average Rate: USD 50-75/ hour

Hiring from a dedicated Drupal development company

Outsourcing from companies is an excellent strategy. Hiring from a pool of talent across the globe has minimum risks. However, like any other hiring from an outsource company comes with its pros and cons.

Check: outsource drupal development


  • Flexible and scalable team of developers
  • Symmetrical management processes
  • Vigorous methodology
  • Highly motivated team
  • Easy to check and balance expertise
  • Highly secured working environment


  • Hidden costs
  • Communication gap
  • Management difficulties

Cost – Average Rate: USD 4500/ month

Hope you’ve understood the cost to hire a Drupal developer, if you are planning to hire developers at an affordable price then feel free to contact us.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.