Web Design Mistakes
16 June, 2022
10 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Every website at least looks great to some extent. However, with the continued advancements in the development field, competitors are on the go to develop websites with little to no web design blunders. Websites with great functionality and exceptional features will always tend to attract customers. Therefore, the first step to check out your website…

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Components of a Website Navigation System
2 June, 2022
Components of a Website Navigation System

Your website's navigation is an essential factor that affects you personally, particularly from a business and marketing point of view. After all, navigation is often what stands between the user and why the user is…

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Mobile-first Approach
4 May, 2022
What is the Mobile-first Approach?

Mobile devices have grown in popularity among internet users over the last decade. Mobile devices accounted for approximately 54% of global web traffic in the first quarter of 2021. With the rapid growth of mobile…

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