Voice Activated Apps

Voice Activated Apps and the Future

The initiative of using voice activated things has been prevalent now and the purpose behind this is the improvement in different applications. Voice activated apps, as well as devices, are steadily making their way into each and every aspect of our everyday lives. Many people have explicitly admitted that they could not manage without them.

Since its inception till present, the voice activated apps have turned out to be key influencers in the manner in which people communicate with devices. The fact is these apps have become so entwined with our surroundings that some of us cannot imagine the life without it. In the present-day digital world, efficiency, speed, and convenience are continuously optimized, and prominent technology brands are supporting voice-based systems over screen interaction.

In addition to the personal assistants developed into smartphones—Siri on iOS devices, Cortana on Windows, Google Now on Android, there are a lot of apps that seamlessly respond to your voice. It is considered as a convenient and useful approach to get things done. If you wish to stay away from distraction or if you are incapable to manipulate a touchscreen, you will believe that a voice assistant can be your one of the best friends.

What future is anticipated for Voice activated apps?

Voice activated apps have developed exponentially over the last several years and also they are gradually crawling into every phase of our lives. There is continuous improvement in algorithms and therefore in future, we will be capable to interact with different smart devices as well as appliances in a similar way as we casually chat with a friend. This adds to the perfection of device usability.

The corresponding algorithms will not only be capable to comprehend what we convey, but it can also comprehend how we convey it. For instance, by reading tonal inflections, voice activated apps could learn to adapt their responses to personal moods and also adapt the way they communicate with people to their personalities. The future of voice activated apps is so bright that a refrigerator would be able to sense your mood and present the foodstuff accordingly.

Now let’s have a look at the different aspects in which voice activated apps would be used in future:

In-Car Speech Systems:

The automotive industry is the area where voice activated app is making great strides. Nowadays the in-car speech recognition systems have turned out to be a standard feature in the majority of new vehicles, available on the market today. It is important to note that voice activated apps are not just confined to navigation; for instance, DriveSafe.ly is recognized as a hands-free app that targets to not to do texting while driving by reading and creating emails for you, in order that you can focus your attention on the road.

Use of Voice Recognition Passwords:

One of the key advancements in voice activated technology is the substitution of electronic passwords with facial and voice recognition. This aspect is already seen in the majority of banking giants. It is known that voice activated app is a more protected form of banking protection due to the fact that the voices are unique. Therefore, by validating the user with voice biometrics, businesses can allow their customers the convenience to what they wish to do, without any hassle and it still offers powerful two-factor verification.

Nowadays, many banks are facilitating their customers the convenience to utilize voice-activated digital assistants, in order to accomplish their banking business. The technology has great potential to turn out as a significant part of the future banking experience. Moreover, it plays a transformational role in the industry and works to redefine how customers opt to control their money.

Benefits of Voice Activated Fitness:

With the input of voice, different voice activated apps allows you to track your health. Your fitness can be perfectly tracked with these apps. For instance, RunGo is available on Android and iOS. It is basically a voice navigation app that allows you to map your run and then directs you along the way while enjoying the music and attending calls. These apps will work to include pre-planned routes for different destinations. They are also capable to keep track of distance, time, pace, and calories spent on your run.

Convenience of Voice Activated Hotel Rooms:

The hotel rooms equipped with voice activated apps are offering the people staying in the room with some advanced ways to interact. It provides complete sophistication and utility. In the future, it is expected that this voice activated hotel rooms will be a common trend among people.

In order to understand it, for instance, the Marriott has recently tested Amazon Alexa-powered devices in the Aloft hotel, located in Boston. Every voice activated hotel rooms here are equipped with an iPad that operates a custom Aloft app. The app offers its customer, new approaches to interact with their room. Moreover, guests can make use of Siri to voice-control thermostats and lighting, and also develop full-colour spectrum lighting moods.

Ease of Voice Activated Shopping:

In near future, voice shopping would be a common trend and many apps are available that pave the way as you speak. For example, an app named hiku, recognized as a smart shopping list app is capable to identify your voice, creates lists, scans barcodes, and also remembers past brand preferences. In future, it is anticipated that there would be the inception of a connected device shopping platform, connected with different e-commerce partners. Moreover, voice activated shopping will also check for product availability in stores, in order to confirm that your needs are fulfilled.

Currently, the majority of voice-activated assistants comes with a fundamental checklist in black and white, in form of their interface. It is definite that such type of lists would rapidly turn out to be few of the most popular advertising spaces. Voice activated apps can now the intention of the customer to purchase a product and this will enable suppliers and retailers to target consumers with exclusive deals as well as offers for products which they wish to purchase. Different cooking tips and recipes provided by different brands via online platform would be critical in the grocery market.

It is found that voice-activated assistants collect a high amount of data regarding individual users. So, predictive purchasing algorithms would be used extensively, and this will be critical to the producers of household staples. In the future, work can be carried out in a direction to create shoppable content which can lure consumers to try a product.

Smart Homes:

Before two decades, the idea of integrating with your home and communicating to your appliances was limited for imaginative science-fiction films only. After that, the voice activated “smart home” gradually came out of our screens and became a reality. Presently, we are enclosed with lots of smart devices which are integrated with the likes of Alexa, Cortana, Siri,and Google Assistant. Moreover, these devices permit us to regular different features of our smart homes as well as cars, with the help of the power of our voices.

In this regards, for instance, when Voice Pod (a nifty little speaker) is connected to Siri, it works on speech commands to allow you to control your complete smart home network. It is known that the devices would not just identify common phrases but it can even learn personalized commands to control different things like TV, music, security systems, and thermostats, etc. This implies that the future has knocked on the door in the area of smart homes.

Advanced eCommerce platforms:

If you assume that the technology of voice activated apps exists in a vacuum then it is wrong. The technology lets us move away from our screens. While using eCommerce platforms, a shopping list prepared with voice commands would get transferred to the phones. Moreover, a voice search for sneakers can quickly generate results on your phone or smart TV, in which the order is placed by the use of voice.  It is certain that voice-activated assistants will interact with the present eCommerce platforms; also, it is commonly found that people wish to see a product prior to purchase. One example is that Amazon has prepared the Echo Show, recognized as a digital assistant that comes with a 7-inch screen. It facilitates retailers to prepare technologies and cross-channel or cross-device marketing tactics which can trace forward and backward between the screens and the voice-activated assistants.

Automation and Connection:

You may perceive Alexa’s developing skills in the workplace and with its support different voice-activated apps can seamlessly create bridges for personnel to accomplish tasks speedily and efficiently. It is known that Alexa presently provides you with tools that can be helpful to enterprise personnel in the office or in the home. This may include an app to check phone messages and then make calls.

There is certain voice activated devices which use the concept of AI and pattern recognition to help remove speech barriers present between people who attempt to learn different languages. In the future, voice activated apps may influence the CRM, where the voice interfaces turned out as the standard mode for sales and service agencies to communicate with customers.

Concluding Note:

With the continuation of a direction towards advancement at present, it is certain that the future of voice activated apps is bright. The technology targets to reduce communication barriers and simplifying the existing work process. If you are looking to develop a voice activated apps for your business? you can hire developers who are experts in app development.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.