Software Development Market Statistics

Software Development Market Statistics

Are you on the career journey to become the next best software developer? Well, you will need to read this article to the end.

Among the rapid-growing careers is the software development field. This is because of the ever-advancing technology and the high demand for automated services in different sectors. This implies that top software developers have a lot to offer, and even those starting as software developers have room to polish up their skills as they climb the ladder higher. So, with the advancing technology, software developers need to equip themselves with the latest technologies and trends to ensure they stay ahead and be updated on any new changes that may pop up. Therefore, what are the trends software developers should keep up with? Let’s find out below:

Top Statistics about Software Development you should know

Python is the top Programming language

Python, being an open-source programing language, has over six million software developers using it. The reason why this statistic is true is that the language gives software developers access to libraries such as TensorFlow, NumPy, and PyTorch in the case of machine learning. Again, according to software industry statistics, python is the best programming language for backed systems automation. Therefore, if you are on the road to becoming a software development guru, make sure you gain useful insights and be updated with the python programming language.

Career-related statistics

Since software development is among the complex and technical subjects, software developers must acquire some level of education to penetrate the market effectively. Therefore, holding a computer science degree is one of the basic requirements to become a software developer. According to statistics, 25% of software engineers have a degree in computer science.

Besides computer science, two other degrees that are significant in the software development field are computer engineering and electrical engineering. In any case, any passionate person can become a software developer. Through internship programs, many software developers gain useful skills that help them penetrate the market with ease.

Men dominate the software development field

Here is an interesting software development statistic. Well, while the tech world keeps advancing and giving both men and women equal chances to explore different careers, the software development field is still dominated largely by men. Women in the software development field comprise up to 8.5%. However, this doesn’t imply you don’t aim at achieving your software development dream as a female. You can take that one step and make your contribution count!

Growth rate statistics

In the US market, there is an approximation of 1.46 million software developers. However, this isn’t the exact number because different software developers specialize in other activities. For instance, those specialized in writing codes, CAD programmers, mathematicians, hardware engineers, and economists. A total of all these professionals could reach up to 4.2 million.

With the evolving technology and the increasing smartphone user base, the number is set to increase in the coming years. Some of the factors contributing to the increased demand for software developers include:

  • Computer security concerns
  • The BLS points toward the smartphone industry
  • Reinsurance carriers
  • Health & medical insurance

Many global companies rely on offshore services from India

India is one country known for outsourcing its tech workforce. Now, since the demand for software development is on the rise, other markets, such as Latin America and across Asia, are on the move to become part of offering offshore services. However, according to statistics, India remains on top of the list when it comes to giving offshore software development services. This is especially because Indian software developers offer the following:

  • Incredible services- Quality deliver
  • Competitive prices
  • Good IT policies

Linux is the best software development platform

We have other software development platforms, including Windows, docker, AWS, macOS, Android, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platform, Raspberry Pi, WordPress, Kubernetes, iOS, and Heroku, among others. However, despite all these platforms, Linux has remained on top as the most preferred platform by many software developers- up to 55.9%. One major reason for making Linux top the list of the most preferred platform is the fact that it has been an open-source platform for years. Many Internet of Things and Android phones run on Linux Kernels. So, as you plan to become the best software developer, be conversant with the Linux platform.

Employment statistics

There is no doubt that the user base of smartphone users is increasing at a higher rate. Therefore, both Android and iOS smartphone users require new apps regularly. Besides, the digitalization of data trends calls for more professional software developers. This explains why the overall software development market and job openings are set to rise in the coming years. Again, employment statistics in the US show that the software development employment rate out rules all other professions. Therefore, this shows that anyone on the road to becoming a software developer is on the right track.

39.03% of software project management tool is Jira

Many companies are now adopting the agile methodology in their operations for the past couple of years. The move has simplified project management solutions. Since the process requires the use of some tools, Atlassian’s package is the number one tool since it has several tools that, include Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. After this package, the next best tools are Microsoft project- 18.24% and Airtable -6.01%.

A large percentage of developers (84%) contribute actively to open-source software

One of the popular trends in the software development field is open-source code. This trend simply means software with a source that another developer can improve, modify, or use.

The cloud computing technology

According to research, cloud computing is another trend gaining momentum in the field of software development. About 18% of the companies that haven’t already implemented the trend are on the move finding solutions and implementing cloud computing technology. The cloud computing technology trend is significant because establishments can now enjoy faster growth in revenue, which is the ultimate goal of every company.

Europe countries have approximately 5.5 million software developers

Different locations have a varied number of software developers. Therefore, by country, Germany has the leading number of software developers, amounting to 837,389. Next on line is the UK, with the number of software developers amounting to approximately 813 500. France, Hungary, and Norway follow in that order.

The use of Artificial intelligence in software development

While AI technology has been in existence for years now, many businesses have experienced overall improvement, software development being one of them.

Through technology, software developers learn advanced skills that enable them to develop and deliver good results faster and more accurately than before. Besides, studies show that over 3 trillion USD will be generated through AI augmentation in the coming years.


The tech field is one wide field where professionals can explore and make great careers. Software development, for instance, is one professional career that has seen many talents explore their capabilities and earn great. With the ever-advancing technology, the different statistics put the software development field at different angles. Therefore, as you are on the road to unlocking your software development career goals, stay updated with the trends in the same field to stay competitive.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.