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Python Frameworks You Should Know in 2024 and Beyond

Python programming language is on the rise. It is becoming more popular, and most developers prefer the language because of how much it can do and its simplistic nature. The trend is set to keep growing bigger, no doubt of it going to the next levels. In a few years to come, python will outdo C# and Java. Big brands like Instagram, Google, and even Netflix are using Python frameworks when developing websites.

The main reason behind python’s popularity is the fact that it offers developers a wide range of frameworks. non-full stack and full-stack are the significant types of frameworks in python programming. The full-stack type gives the developers full support from the beginning of a project until the end. Python developers have the option of selecting strong frameworks to help them achieve different objectives during the process of web development.

Developers using python programming language also have the advantage of saving time and money since they do not have to write different codes for different projects. They can always use the ideas in the already existing framework. Apart from all these advantages, it is also easy to learn and understand python swiftly as compared to other programming languages.

Python Frameworks 2024

Let us analyze some of the frameworks to watch out for in 2024. The highlighted web development frameworks are top priorities that every developer should know to improve the performance of the website.

  • Pyramid

Top professional developers are using a pyramid framework on python 3. Pyramid framework gives developers an easy time in the process of web development because it is easy to use. Above all, any developer using a pyramid framework does not have to struggle much to fulfill the objectives of the project.

Since the pyramid is mostly embraced by experts, it implies that it can help in creating both simple and complex projects. For this reason, the pyramid is rated as the most preferred framework in web development projects. Dropbox, Mozilla, and SurveyMonkey are among the big brands using the pyramid. Some of the basic features of the pyramid include:

Generating and validating HTML structure

Functioning correctly on large and small applications.

Easy authentication process

Comprehensive data records and support

  • Grok

The user interface of Grok is similar to that of TurboGears and pylons, which are full-stack frameworks. Any developer can choose the Grok framework as long as it will fulfill the tasks to be accomplished. Grok features include the following:

  1. It has a robust database used for storage purposes.
  2. It gives the developers an option to personalize apps according to customer’s needs and requirements.
  3. Gives developers a chance to use the power of Zope 3
  4. The structure of Grok gives developers an estimate of the development process
  5. It offers a solid base for all web apps.
  6. It has an extensive security measure put in place, like accessibility to specified users.
  • Django

Django assists developers in creating complex applications and codes with ease and faster; thus, saving time and resources. It is an open-source and free framework mainly used when developing website apps and APIs. For these reasons, Django happens to be the most preferred web framework by many developers. Among the key features of Django include the following:

  1. It has an authentication system which is in-built
  2. Django has a feature known as an automatic admin interface that helps developers to add, edit, and delete content according to customer’s preference.
  3. With Django, a developer can analyze patterns for URL in an application
  4. The system itself is simple but very powerful, making work easier for developers
  5. With Django, developers can easily store and recover data with the help of an object-oriented-programming language database feature.
  6. In Django, multiple cache mechanisms go hand in hand with cache frameworks
  • TurboGears

The main purpose of TurboGears is to help developers handle the poor performance of widely used web development frameworks. It is a full-stack web application for python frameworks that supports distinct web servers and databases, and it is data-driven. TurboGears triggers the software engines to start off the process of web application development without prior set-ups.

With TurboGears, developers can easily streamline web application development with the help of JavaScript tools. WebOb, SQLAlchemy, Genshi, and Repoze are some of the elements by which a developer can use to develop a web app in an easy and quick manner as compared to other frameworks. SourceForge, Bisque, and ShowMeDO are some of the establishments using TurboGears. TurboGear’s key features include the following:

  1. It has a multi-database support
  2. It has pasteScript templates and MVC-style architecture.
  3. The features involved are performed as function decorators
  4. The deployment of server and coordination of frontend design is easy due to the ToscaWdgets feature.
  5. The command-line tools are easily accessible
  • Bottle

The bottle is yet another python web framework that lies under small-scale frameworks. The framework was initially created for building web APIs. Bottle framework relies only on python standard library, and it performs everything on a single source document.  Other functions executed by the bottle include utilities, templating, abstraction over WSGI standard, and directing. The coding process is always closer to the metal when using a bottle framework. Developers can quickly come up with simple applications for personal use, and also they can create a suitable place for prototyping and learning frameworks. An excellent example of a brand using a bottle is Netflix. Among the features of the bottle include the following:

  1. It has high-performance capabilities courtesy of speed optimization
  2. Functions such as uploading files, accessing data, cookies, and other HTTP-related metadata are quickly established.
  3. The bottle has an inbuilt template engine and backing that speed up the process of web development.
  • CherryPy

Over the past ten years, CherryPy has helped developers to perform the process of web development quite quickly without experiencing any difficulties. The advantage of CherryPy is that it runs on any framework as long as it supports python. It is a typical framework that can perform all the functions with the help of technology, like accessing the data and templating. Among the functions which CherryPy executes include cookies, sessions, static, and file uploads. Most developers find it easy to use CherryPy because of its effectiveness. Feature of CherryPy include the following:

  1. It runs on Jython, python2.7+. 3.5+, Android, and PyPy.
  2. It can operate on multiple HTTP at the same time
  3. It has a robust system for configuration which helps developers
  4. It has inbuilt coverage, profiling, and testing support.
  5. It can execute caching, encoding, static content, session, authentication, among others, with the help of the inbuilt tools.
  • Flask

Flask operates under a BSD license whose basis is Sinatra ruby framework. A developer comes up with a reliable and robust base for web applications with flask. As much as flask’s main purpose is to design open-ended apps, developers can as well build backend frameworks and customize as they wish. However, flask works best for small and straightforward projects. Pinterest and LinkedIn are some of the brands using flask in their operation. The main features of flask include the following:

  1. It has Jinja2 templating which helps in macros, tags, and filters
  2. It is 100% compatible with WSGI 1.0
  3. It has an inbuilt debugger and development server
  4. The codes produced are of high quality
  5. The integration of new functions is easy due to several extensions
  • Quixote

The primary purpose of Quixote is to help developers write a web-based app along with python to improve performance and adaptability. Quixote has three main versions; versions 1 and 2 are almost similar but different in some aspects. Version 3 uses python 3 in the process of web development. Some of the c=basic features of Quixote include the following:

  1. The HTML templates can be imported in the same way as python code because they are written in a python-like syntax
  2. The design is simple and flexible
  3. It is compatible with any web server that supports fast CGI or CGI
  4. It supports the SCGI protocol
  5. It has the library of function feature which helps in analyzing and developing HTML form
  • Tornado

Tornado is an advanced web framework that enables developers to deal with real-time clients, and it builds apps that are complex in nature. The features include:

  1. High-quality results
  2. The localization and interpretation is fully supported
  3. It offers real-time services, excellent quality and non-blocking HTTP end-users
  4. It provides web templates and offers support to user authentication.
  5. It enables the application of 3rd-party authentication and approval structures.
  • Web2Py

Web2py works hand in hand with a deployment tool, debugger, and code editor to enable the developer to create a code and debug. Web2py is a cross-platform framework that supports Mac, Windows, Google app Engine, Unix/Linux, among other platforms. Clients can easily create, make changes, deploy, and manage web apps through a website browser. The distinct feature of web2py is the ticketing function, where whenever an error pops up, a ticket is produced, which alerts the client to keep track of the mistake that occurred. The main features of Web2py include:

  1. It simplifies the process of web development because it supports MVC architecture.
  2. It makes the process of web development to be quick.
  3. It can create web apps effectively without using extra services and tools because it has inbuilt batteries, which are helpful.
  4. High security of web apps is guaranteed


Each python developer has distinct preferences when it comes to selecting a perfect web framework.  As much as there are many frameworks out there to choose from. It is vital to go through every framework, understand its dynamics, advantages, and disadvantages. After that, choose a framework that will enable you to accomplish your specified objectives.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.