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1 April, 2016
Open Source: Now v/s The Future

OPEN SOURCE: NOW v/s THE FUTURE Businesses across enterprises are being driven by software. Enterprise software development projects are huge in budgets and take a lot of time for development.  Until recent times, enterprise software has mostly focused on proprietary code. Developing code for projects in-house is seen as giving birth to intellectual value (“property”).…

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31 March, 2016
User Experience: The New Normal in the World of Enterprise Applications

Digital business models are on the rise as everyone goes gung-ho on web and mobile applications. With the app ecosystem growing leaps and bounds, it is imperative to have a neatly designed and coded business…

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4 March, 2016
SMAC – Down Traditional Business Approach: Way Forward to Building Futuristic Organizations

The Information Technology industry has gone through revolutionary changes in the past decade. The commercialization of the internet in the 1990s disrupted the entire industry. From ERPs, network infrastructure, basic communication and messaging services through…

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