How to Hire a Developer for a Critical Business Web Application Development

Any modern day business measures its success almost entirely on how efficient it is with: the security of storage and provision of data, its collaboration with employees, and its communication with its customers. As such, it has become a rule of thumb that every business has a representation platform on the internet that runs and showcases the above-mentioned activities.

The internet platforms, otherwise known as web applications, have become a lifeline for most ventures. In other words, businesses with online operations base their very survival on the running of these internet apps. It is for this reason that you should approach the development of your web application with the same seriousness that you brought to starting your business.

Now, you might think “I can do this on my own” …However, the benefits of hiring a developer for a critical business web application far outweigh those of handling the task yourself. From speed and performance to saving money to good branding to consistency in design, a good web developer for your business may be all that stands between you and profitability.

That being said, the first step towards hiring a web app developer is to understand the thing that you are trying to achieve with your website. Then you can develop a clear-cut strategy to get there.

What do You Want for Your Critical Business Web Application?

Web applications differ the same way that businesses do. It falls upon the business owner to define the specifications that he/she wishes for his/her projects.

Relatively much work goes into building a web application. As a matter of fact, it takes a maximum of three skill sets to see to completion a fully-fledged app- web design, graphic design, and web developing.

We will not go into detail about what web and graphic design are about today. All the same, it pays to know the specialty for each of these categories. Otherwise, you risk giving out the wrong requirements to the right developer. Keep in mind the minor distinctiveness for the three skills. A web developer will not turn down a job because you indicated in your requirements a graphic or design role. Unless they are a generalist developer, that inferior point could make all the difference.

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Here’s an insight on what a developer for a critical business web application does;

Coding and design (JavaScript, .NET MVC, PHP, Node.js, JAVA, Python, etc.)
Application deployment cycle (Planning >design > development > testing > deployment > support)
Application management
Troubleshooting and debugging
Server engineering with administration responsibilities
Monitoring and security

To hire a developer for a critical business web application is to outsource the task of building the very foundation for your app.

If you wish to create an advertisement banner or a new logo, then consider hiring a graphic designer. If you wish to optimize your content layout/design, consider hiring a website designer. If you wish to add a textbox with incomparable suspended effects, then read on the rest of the article on hiring a subtle developer for your web app.

The next step constitutes the most demanding part at the end of the client. You want to get it right the first time out and avoid any later hiccups such as replacements that eventually waste time and money. Let’s evaluate;

Finding The Right Talent for the Job

Anyone with the right qualifications can develop a critical business web application. But not everyone can develop a distinctive app. In fact, if all it took to be a superb app developer was mere adequacy, wouldn’t there be too many sought-after developers out there?

So, how do you get to pick the right person to build your dream product?

Looking for the right developer

Cheap is expensive and expensive does not always mean high-quality

Despite the price being a major factor in purchasing a service, you should never make a hiring decision based on figures alone. A small number rarely makes the best choice the same way that a larger number is not assurance enough for credibility.

Use a web application developer’s past work resume to judge his numbers. The customer ratings are a good place to start. While at it, do not forget to remain within the scope of your own budget.

Research slow but sure

The internet continues to overspill with web application developers of all sorts. Now, getting the app developed early is good taking to account the very nature of your business. Even so, this same thesis justifies why you should take your time in finding the right developer.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a critical business web application plays a major role in the preservation of your venture. Patience is a worthy trait if it means waiting in order to get a good thing going,

New doesn’t guarantee effectiveness

Looking out for professionals that have delivered similar projects to yours and offer valuable input to the discussion sets you up for success with hiring the right talent.

Ensuring they are the right developer

Character above experience

A web developer’s experience, although important, isn’t as attractive as what constitutes their innate DNA. Are determination, curiosity, drive, persistence, crucial to your culture? Or, are you moved more by deadlines and time management? Whichever the case, you want your developer to match your idea of a fit candidate.

Test run your developer with a small project

Before you decide to land your huge project on your desired candidate, it’s always a wise choice to start them off with something simple. Something to let you observe and learn their style of working.

Based on the final product, you can tell if this is your ideal person judging from their creativity, communication patterns, and work ethic.

Elasticity matters

Technology is one industry whose dynamic changes every two or so years. A web developer with aptitude, one who changes and adapts to new technologies easily is better opposed to a coder whose specialty is limited to a specific skill set.

Ask questions like;

What is your current standing with new programming languages?
Where do you go to become up to date with new tips and technical tricks?

Be smart with your questions

A little trick when conducting technical interviews- questions that are easily googled are just that, easy. One will easily cook up an answer from online search solutions. Instead, focus more on open-ended questions that rely on the knowledge and passion of the candidate. Questions such as:

Can you provide prototypes of previously built apps?
What is your ideal app development procedure like?
What’s your take and approach on design principles and user experience in app development?
What coding standards do you follow and do you utilize any framework?
Will you maintain the launch of my app post?
Can you develop apps specific to different operating systems? 

Communication is key

Communication is key when it comes to the successful completion of any project. You can judge how a candidate will be during the development itself just by how active they are in the hiring process.

How fast do they reply to your phone calls and messages? How valuable is their input?  Gauge their interest in your venture from their communication patterns. Are they genuinely concerned in building you a critical business web application or is this just another project to put money into their pockets?

Seal up your agreement

Nothing seals up a deal like a Non-disclosure agreement. The NDA assures you a piece of mind by ensuring your employee developer cannot;

Use your idea to start another company,
Reuse or share your code, and
Collaborate with your competitors.

A quick pointer- be sure to take ample time when hiring but let the person go as soon as you realize they aren’t working out. An incompetent web developer puts to jeopardy the entire project.

Crafting a Good Job Description

The successful completion of your project relies on the competence of the web developer as much as it relies on you. Providing solid information for the developer to go with is crucial. Sure, it takes dedication and input on your part, but isn’t that so much better than investing in something you do not want?

Here are some items to include in your job description;

Design samples that you like. These can comprise images or other websites that have previously caught your eye.
Build mockups- Make use of online tools to create workflows and designs for your app, this way you have something to reinforce your idea.
Design styles- Including your preferred app style does not prevent the developer from including what you don’t want so mention your dislikes too.
A list of app must-haves (color and such)
Be realistic with your set timeframe for the project. Keep in mind also that different developers work at different speed.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.