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wealth management software development
14 March, 2024
How to Develop Software for Wealth Management

Today’s world is tech-driven. Among the top industries that benefit from the tech-driven world is the finance and wealth management. As a busy person with tight schedules every other day, it can be daunting keeping up with the personal financial portfolio. Imagine attending meetings, filing reports, handling work calls, and other related tasks. It could…

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20 November, 2021
Agile Vs. Lean Methodology Difference

About ninety-five percent of respondents worldwide (number of available respondents over forty thousand) prefer Agile DEV methodologies. But what exactly does Agile DEV methodology entail? And how can you utilize it to uplift your companies'…

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Product Development Strategy
21 July, 2021
How to Create a Product Development Strategy

Software development is one of the rapidly growing aspects of technology. The fact that everyone focuses on developing new software products is appreciable because it brings about an advancement in the products we use. However,…

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product development mistakes
5 July, 2021
Mistakes to Avoid During Software Product Development

Many businesses are coming up and striving to outdo the competition and stay at the top. To stay up in the digital landscape, you have to go out of the way and produce a good…

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software development life cycle
30 June, 2021
Software Development Life Cycle Phases

You have some know-how of what a cycle. In a nonprofessional's language, we can consider a cycle as a set of repetitive processes. However, from a technical viewpoint, we can transform software development into a…

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agile software development methodology
12 May, 2021
What is Agile Software Development Methodology

Even the smallest of all IT projects may require several tools, reports, specialists, and various discussions. For the software to run smoothly, all the above must get managed well. Sometimes, well-managed development may become challenging,…

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medical software development
27 February, 2021
The Process Of Developing Medical Software

Medical Software Development The medical industry is among the most critical sectors that need crucial support from any other related industries. Like any other sector, the technology department has a role to play when there…

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CI and CD
21 January, 2021
Understanding CI and CD in Product Development

Tech has grown in recent years to unprecedented levels. Similarly, the same can also get said of software development, as it forms a crucial part of tech development. Aspects such as deployment and integration infrastructure…

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ERP and MIS Software
21 December, 2020
The difference Between ERP and MIS Software

According to researches, many organizations are using the EPR systems while MIS software is mostly used in Accounting, Marketing, finances, and HR management, and many other sections. But both ERP and MIS help companies in…

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Roadmap for a Software Product
12 December, 2020
Roadmap for a Software Product in 2024 and Beyond

In most cases, software developers concentrate on the Agile principles to accomplish the tasks faster, give room for making changes, and meet the deadlines. This implies that development teams do not need to plan for…

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Scale Software Product Development Team
20 October, 2020
How To Scale Your Software Product Development Team

It is quite a challenging task for any organization to scale its software product development team. Before scaling organizations have to find the answers to questions like when is the right time to grow? how…

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