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Integrating GIS with Fleet Management
12 July, 2022
Importance of Integrating GIS with Fleet Management

Concerns for project managers in the oil and gas pipeline business range from staff and asset management to ensure projects remain on schedule and within budget. To operate effectively, firms may use various project management technologies, including asset and fleet monitoring systems. Choosing a GPS fleet monitoring system that enables contractors to utilize a local…

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Logistics App Development
16 March, 2022
Logistics App Development Cost & Benefits

Thousands of mobile logistics applications are available for use on the market; customization is typically not an option, or customization takes substantial time and resources to incorporate. There is a strong market to produce tailored…

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Guide on Load Planning Software
16 March, 2022
A Detailed Guide on Load Planning Software 

Freight and delivery services are under significant transformation in the current technological evolution. It makes digitization a vital tool in the logistics country. The different transport, cargo, and destinations make it hard to manage the…

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logistics iot app development
6 February, 2019
Tech-Xplore: Logistics Industry is Transformed with IoT and other IT Solutions

How Big is the Number Game? The most significant tech industry is worth an unimaginable $4 trillion worldwide. Logistics cause the heartbeat of almost all sectors including the e-commerce development, manufacturing, fashion and the high-end…

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