Healthcare App Ideas
27 August, 2022
Healthcare App Ideas 2022

Technology advancement is one area that is growing at an exceptional rate. Many sectors are developing to extreme heights to enhance user experience. One of the sectors that are eyeing immense development is the healthcare sector. The covid outbreak was one of the eye-openers where people started viewing things differently. Most activities took a shift…

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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
3 August, 2022
Predictive Analytics in Healthcare and It’s Advantages

Healthcare practitioners have struggled for a long time to assist their patients in recovery. They have encountered constraints on several occasions because they are living, breathing humans with limited time, energy, knowledge, and resources. The…

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Difference between MIPS and APM
29 July, 2022
Difference between MIPS and APM

What is MIPS? Known in full as a merit-based incentive payment system, it's one of the two programs under the Quality Payment program that moves Part B Medicare providers to a performance-based payment system. It…

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