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devops architecture
19 March, 2024
DevOps Architecture : Benefits, Principles, Tools

The information-technology field is a wide field divided into two major sub-sections: the operation teams and the development team, i.e., Dev for development and Ops for operations. Both teams have their respective roles in the wider tech field. While the operations teams focus majorly on evaluating code performance and reporting bugs where necessary, the development…

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4 Values and 12 Principles of the Agile Manifesto
31 July, 2023
The 4 Values and 12 Principles of the Agile Manifesto

In the field of software development, modern project management methods are crucial in ensuring the delivery of incredible products with high quality and of great value. The agile manifesto, therefore, is the core base of…

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Scaled Agile Framework Principles
18 July, 2023
10 Principles of Scaled Agile Framework

Are you in the software development field? Then you are familiar with agile as it corresponds directly to software development and the whole management process. It is all about a set of methods put in…

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Agile Transformation Journey
3 March, 2023
Agile Transformation Journey

Is your organization trying to adopt an agile methodology, yet you don't know a clear process and steps to follow? Then consider reading this guide to the end as we unleash all you need to…

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Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities
14 December, 2022
Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities

Many companies and businesses are now using agile methodologies to scale their products to gain popularity which increases productivity. One of the approaches that many enterprises are now implementing to achieve this is using the…

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Code Refactoring in Agile
7 April, 2022
Code Refactoring in Agile : Best Practices in 2024

Often, software developers deploy a "rapid and dirty" strategy towards coding to fast-track shipping. However, it becomes a different ballgame when it involves the modification of a software source code. For instance, when trying to…

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Differences Between Scrum and Kanban
15 March, 2022
Differences Between Scrum and Kanban

Scrum vs. Kanban discusses two diverse, agile development approaches for software. The practices are diverse, but the principles are the same. To choose the best from the two is to go for the one that…

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20 November, 2021
Agile Vs. Lean Methodology Difference

About ninety-five percent of respondents worldwide (number of available respondents over forty thousand) prefer Agile DEV methodologies. But what exactly does Agile DEV methodology entail? And how can you utilize it to uplift your companies'…

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1 November, 2021
The Best Practices For Regression Testing

With the growing popularity of agile methodologies, regression testing has risen to prominence as a value-add. Today, most businesses outsource regression testing services and use an iterative, agile approach to software development. For example, several…

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22 October, 2021
Agile vs. DevOps: What’s the Difference

Agile and DevOps are two software development methods with the same goal: delivering the final product fast and effectively. While many companies are enthusiastic about implementing these principles, there is often considerable overlap between the…

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28 September, 2021
What is the Importance of CI/CD for New-age App Development?

Continuing integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are identical in words that include culture, a set of operational principles, and a collection of techniques that make code changes more often and reliably available to application…

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Agile Product Roadmap
22 September, 2021
The Startup Guide to Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

A product roadmap may assist a firm to obtain its product perspective. It tracks the product path from development through launch and beyond. An agile roadmap is an interactive tool. It is updated and altered…

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