Advantages of Custom Website Design vs Website Template

Advantages of Custom Website Design vs Website Template for your Business

Website plays a crucial role in marketing one’s business to their clients. Most people have found the website a fast medium for sharing information on your product, thus soothing visitors to the website to buy and enjoy your services.

In the present-day world, it has become easier to build a website for your own business without looking for an expert in website design.

Before we compare a custom website design and a website template for business, it is good if I first take you through the definition of the terms and understand what they mean.

What is custom web design?

With custom web design, you can build a website for your business from scratch by following all the necessary steps. With custom web design, using templates or applying a pre-packaged type of graphics is done away with. Unfortunately, there is a false belief that the benefits of fully customized web templates are also part of the custom web design, which is a broad daylight lie.

Sincerely speaking, if you make use of website templates, then it means you will only be able to be in control of web pages within a predefined boundary. But, what of the customized web design? Here you will have a mandate to control everything and all aspects that appertain the design process.

What then is a website template?

A website template refers to a resource that is predesigned, which is capable of showing the structure for the full format or layout as well as able to display features of a given website. We have several examples of templates in place – Boxus, Wix, AweSplash, and Squarespace, among many others.

It is not as easy to create a customized website, especially if your organization’s business lacks an in-house developer. As a result, you will look for one from outside, which will be very costly.

Advantages of custom web design for a business

The use of website templates may seem to be easy and save time. Still, it will result in poor customization in managing and controlling the processes in a given business website.

The following are the advantages of custom website design over templates for business purposes.

Advantages of custom web design for a business

  • Unique design

Since you use your knowledge and skill in custom web design for a better website, one has to come up with a unique website. Primarily, you can transform your website to look like anything of your interest compared to working with rigid templates that are much limited since they are pre-made.

The complete control of designing can lead you to make a unique customized template for your business.

  • Professional team developer accessibility

The urge and the desire to have a good website will officially land you to meeting a team of professional web designers who will assist you in solving the problem and have your site running with minimal straining.

You have to clear that troubleshooting will also require some capital since, in this case, you are dealing with professionals outside your business boundaries.

  • Easier to troubleshoot

In most cases, troubleshooting for custom web design can be done by yourself if you are the one who developed it from scratch. However, it is always contrary to the use of web templates, whereby fixing a bug or error can only be done by you some well oriented for website designing.

  • Website being up to date

Updating a website template always depends on how frequently you visit and use it. However, the developer of the template you used will always be active to ensure that they keep it updated as much as possible, especially the code used. In addition, they have a role in watching and monitoring the Google algorithm and having the website template up to date in line with the algorithms, and as a result, you will be able to stay ahead and at per.

  • It is manageable and thus brings about scalability

Having an opportunity to build your site from the start means that you can manipulate it as many times as possible to suit the main objective of your business. Actually, one can navigate and add to the website as many as interested. For example, suppose the website was put in place by a developer. In that case, nothing can deter you from keeping in contact with your developer and asking him or her to update new latest features in consideration of the demand from the visitors and customers interested in your business.

In addition to being navigable or scalable as explained above, management of the business in place goes to a greater extent due to having an effective website that can ultimately keep track of anything associated with the trading organization. For example, one can navigate and collect emails to create new email lists just in case visitors appear on your website.

Alternatively, a website template will only allow you to manage your website to a limited extent since it has limits due to being developed by a different and sometimes an unknown developer. Therefore, considering customized web design, the degree to which a website may be rigid will only depend on the developer’s designing skills. However, they are accessible.

Advantages of using Templates in web design

Advantages of using Templates in web design

As stated earlier, website templates refer to the readymade web pages that can quickly occur with pictures, photos, videos, or texts that give details about a given business. Undoubtedly, purchasing thousands of templates online with different features that best suit your demand is more leisurely.

In addition, most of the available templates are easy to load and install on your personal computer. Working with them is also commendable; however, some are easier to use depending on the developer and style.

Since many website templates flow online, each differs in quality, and the degree of their developers’ support may also vary. The big and grown business may not think of having website templates for developing and designing a website; however, templates are helpful in the design of websites for small businesses.

With the above points on web templates at our fingertips, we can now look at some of the advantages of website templates in website design as follows;

  • Cheaper than custom website 

However, the cost issue might not be for more extensive and well-established businesses. Still, starting and small businesses remain with website templates as an option to design a website. It is because website templates are known to be cheaper and easily affordable. That is why they are recommended for those small businesses still establishing.

It has become a concern that nowadays, so many people run for templates than customized website design. However, several providers, like Blue host, sell templates at an affordable price.

  • Swift build of a website

With the knowledge of what you are doing, you can have your website set in an hour or less when employing website templates. In addition, codes and some other tedious aspects of web designing are done away with using web templates.

Since almost everything has been done for you with templates, yours is to drag and drop, and in a very few minutes, you will have a decent website in place for marketing your business. Therefore anyone can build a website provided with a website template; nowadays, it is not a must to access a professional developer anymore. So, we can say things just got better and more affordable.

As illustrated above, one can one be able to have a choice on which type of web design best suits them. Advantages vary, but the most important is to make sure that you have a deeper understanding of your business’s goals and objectives; after that, you will know the type of website to go for. Cost is another crucial factor depending on the size of your business.


All the above types of websites can help you reach your primary objectives in your business. The only difference comes in scalability and manageability. Due to cost and other factors, most people have opted for designing using website templates. Website templates have made web designing much easier since anyone can create their website in personal comfort in the office, workplace or even at home in a brief period.

Finally, for more information about advantages of custom website design vs website template consider consulting with the highly experienced web development company who can understand your business and guide you choose the right between custom website design and website template.

Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.