What is Apple intelligence

What is Apple Intelligence, Features, and Use Cases

Just like Google, Apple is now exploring and integrating generative AI features in their devices to help users simplify tasks, perform actions, and, most importantly, keep private information secure. The new technology & trends in Apple will be applicable on all Apple platforms as well as new versions of Apple devices. With Apple Intelligence, Siri is now better, and writing and image creation tasks are now simplified in a fun and engaging manner. The goal is to deliver a personalized experience while keeping user information private. But then, what exactly is Apple intelligence? Let’s find out in this guide.

What is Apple Intelligence?

Apple intelligence is more of a personalized AI system for Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The new trending technology leverages the power of generative AI models with personal details to deliver personalized experiences to Apple users.

Through Apple Intelligence, users can perform different actions, create images & languages, and perform other daily tasks in a seamless and engaging manner.

In a nutshell, Apple Intelligence is a technology that digs deep into Apple users’ private data to deliver a personalized experience, thus helping users complete different tasks and actions in a smooth manner.

Features of Apple Intelligence

Apple intelligence is a revolutionary technology and trend for Apple users. The top features of Apple Intelligence include the following:

Features of Apple Intelligence

  • Intelligence language capabilities

Apple intelligence unveils new approaches to simplifying communication and writing. The system has built-in writing tools for MacOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and iOS 18 users. As a result, proofreading, rewriting, and summarizing contexts have been made simpler than before. These capabilities extend to third-party applications, pages, notes, and even emails. Below are ways through which Apple intelligence has transformed language capabilities.

Proofreading – for perfectly crafted emails, error-free blog posts, and accurate class notes, the writing tools help users polish all their writings in a smooth manner.

The rewriting functionality allows users to select what they’ve already written and then tailor the tone and style to align with the type of audience. Depending on the audience and nature of the activity, Apple Intelligence allows users to use the appropriate words for specific scenarios. Other proofreading functionalities include checking grammar mistakes, sentence structure, and choice of words while suggesting the best options, allowing users to review and click as they move.

For creating summaries, users simply select the text and choose whether they want to be summarized in lost, table, pointers, or simplified paragraphs.

Prioritizing emails – Apple intelligence uncovers a feature that allows users to prioritize remaining notifications. The priority message feature displays the most urgent emails at the top.

Again, users can review a quick summary of every email, just a few lines, without having to open the emails. If the threads are extended for longer, users simply tap to review the summary.

Finally, this feature gives users quick response suggestions, filtering and identifying all questions in an email that need answers.

Timely notifications – Again, the intelligence language feature plays a big role in ensuring timely notifications. Urgent notifications are arranged in a manner that shows the most urgent ones with their respective summaries, enabling users to view the main details even when on the lock screen lock. Besides, this feature allows users to stay focused on a specific activity by allowing them to attend only to important and urgent tasks.

Audio tasks – Finally, users can now transcribe and summarize recorded audio through the intelligence language capabilities of the apple intelligence technology.

When the recording is on when on a call, all users get notified automatically. Once the call ends, Apple Intelligence creates a summary of the audio by highlighting the main points.

  • Image playground

This is another exciting feature of Apple intelligence that allows users to explore and integrate images in their communication. This creates a fun and engaging way of passing around personalized messages.

Users can either choose a Sketch, illustration, or animation style to create fun and engaging images within seconds. The options are wide, which allows users to explore and experiment with different images for different purposes. Below are ways through which the image playground feature of Apple Intelligence is simplifying tasks:

Editing – Through Image Playground, users can now edit images by choosing relevant themes, places, accessories, and costumes to create a customized message depending on the purpose of the image. What’s more, you can select an image from a personal library and edit it according to the person’s preference.

Messaging – Users can now pick relevant images and use them in their conversation, thanks to Apple intelligence. Still, users can get image suggestions depending on the type of conversation they are having.

Personalization – Users can now create personalized images and share them with their friends, thanks to Apple Intelligence’s image playground feature. The feature also provides personalized suggestions depending on what they are talking about, thus making the conversation more fun and engaging.

  • Genmoji

Emojis have always created an interactive style of communicating. Apple intelligence is now taking the whole idea of emojis to a whole new level by enabling users to express themselves through Genmoji.

Users only need to type a description for their Genmoji, along with other suggestions. What’s more, it is even easy to create a friends and family Genmoji based on their images, thus creating a more personalized and engaging way of communication.

Users can use Genmoji in a similar manner to emojis, i.e., reacting to something, sharing as a sticker, or adding in between messages in a conversation.

  • Find Photo and video features

Apple intelligence has unveiled a new and advanced way to explore photos. For instance, it is now simple to search and access specific photos through natural language. All a user needs is to write a description of the photo they are looking for and get the results instantly.

Again, the same extends to video clips. In an extended video clip, users can now describe specific moments in a video and watch the exact segment with ease. What’s more, Apple Intelligence offers an in-built clean-up tool that enables users to detect and remove irrelevant objects in an image’s background without altering the entire image.

Above all, Apple Intelligence allows users to describe videos and images, then it selects the best option and allows users to create memories with a captivating storyline. The Apple intelligence technology also integrates relevant themes and styles and creates a captivating movie-like scene with a personalized experience. In fact, this feature goes beyond and suggests related songs from Apple Music, thus creating a whole entertainment and fun experience.

While Apple Intelligence has the ability to analyze and explore user photos and videos, it ensures a high level of privacy by safeguarding user privacy from third-party access.

  • Advanced Siri

Siri now has enhanced functionalities than before, thanks to apple intelligence. The intelligence language capabilities enable Siri to understand and explore the system to deliver relevant and personalized context. Through advanced Siri, users can now simplify and speed up their daily tasks in the most efficient manner.

Siri can now interpret and act upon user requests even when a user fumbles over the words and phrases. What’s more, users can easily switch from voice to text or from text to voice when communicating with Siri at a specific moment. Apart from all these capabilities, the advanced Siri comes in an elegant and attractive design where it shows lights on the screen edges when Siri is on.

Other advanced Siri functionalities include the following:

Offering ultimate user support from anywhere by answering questions and guiding users through Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Ideally, with advanced Siri, users can learn and do anything on their devices.

Offer personalized services depending on the user and the details of their device. Ideally, Advanced Siri goes beyond and performs personalized tasks by reviewing user details and device information.

Through onscreen awareness, Siri can interpret user context and take relevant action by actualizing the process.

Finally, the advanced Siri has the capability to integrate with third-party applications and Apple apps and perform different actions.

  • Enhanced Privacy

Apple intelligence depends heavily on personal details to explore and enhance most of the functionalities. This means that user private user data is exposed, hence the need to put in place privacy measures.

Here is how Apple Intelligence safeguards user data and ensures data privacy.

The on-device processing model is the main force behind Apple intelligence, whereby most of the models powering Apple intelligence runs on the device. To process complex requires, it means more processing power, hence the need for private compute to process privacy and security measures of the device into the cloud. In the cloud, Apple Intelligence unlocks more privacy and security functionalities that protect user data and private details.

In fact, apple intelligence has the power to process and execute complex processes and functionalities by the use of larger server-based models that run on Apple silicon servers. This provides a platform to allow Apple to safeguard details, blocking any potential of private data being exposed. The system doesn’t retail user data either, thus ensuring maximum security.

What’s more, experts can analyze the Apple silicon code to verify data privacy. The private cloud compute feature ensures Apple devices (Mac, iPad, and iPhone) do not connect to the server, unless when the software inspection is ongoing.

Apple users, therefore, can have ultimate trust in the high standards of privacy AI, thanks to Apple intelligence with private cloud compute.

  • ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT integration is one feature Apple users would love. MacOS Sequoia, iPadOS, and iOS 18 users can now access and explore ChatGPT capabilities, including documents and images, without using other tools.

Siri, for instance, can integrate ChatGPT capabilities to simplify the processes. Siri delivers the answers instantly once the user verifies the questions sent to ChatGPT.

Again, a user with iPhone 15 Pro can create a prompt for Siri to read and interpret accurately. A good example is creating ingredient lists and asking Siri to plan a meal.

The Apple Writing Tools also has ChatGPT functionalities which simplifies the processes of creating content and writing processes. Through the Compose feature, users can generate images through different styles to align with the subject of their context using ChatGPT image tools.


Apple Intelligence is a new and latest technology in Apple devices. From simplifying tasks and creating a personalized user experience to enhancing data privacy, apple intelligence is one technology set to transform how Apple product users interact with their devices.

The wide range of features and functionalities shows how reliable Apple Intelligence is in performing daily tasks and staying ahead of the schedule while maintaining a high level of data privacy.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.