Artificial Intelligence trends

Trends of Artificial Intelligence in 2019

During this era of huge advancement in technology machines are taking over and the technique in which computers and machines develop intelligence like humans is known as artificial intelligence. The progress made in artificial intelligence (AI) is exceptional during the recent years and this amazing technology will get more popular in the coming year 2019.

The top trends which will be followed in the field of artificial intelligence during the year 2019 are listed below:

Reinforcement learning

The term reinforcement learning involves outputs which have been produced as generic to labeled data sets. The framework used in this methodology utilized a sequential decision making path which is driven by user experience.

This artificial intelligence technique is most commonly used in gaming in which the machine has to determine moves in order to win following the defined rules. However the implication of reinforcement learning in other fields is also being experimented.

AI enabled chips

AI is primarily dependent upon specialized procedures which act as a complimentary factor with the CPU. However these chips require specific hardware in order to complete its operation and perform tasks such as facial recognition, complex mathematics, etc.

The known chip manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, ARM, etc are working on chips which will speed up the working of AI enables application and these chips are expected to be launched in 2019.

Automated machine learning

Machine learning based solutions will experience a huge step forward with the introduction of AutoML. This advance technology fits between various cognitive APIs and custom machine learning platforms making it one of the most trending AI technologies.

AI Convergence with other advance technologies

During 2019 the convergence of AI with other emerging technologies like IoT and Blockchain will be carried out. If IoT and AI are closely integrated together then advancements like self driven cars etc will also be practically seen in future. The decision making is done using artificial intelligence and the real time data collection will be carried out by IoT (Internet of Things).

The implementation of such functionalities requires deep learning if AI algorithms as well as path planning, eye tracking, driver monitoring, etc. Other features will include the communication of these vehicles with each other so that the overall traffic is optimized.

Another ground breaking integration is the combination of artificial intelligence and Block chain. The challenges faced by the Block chain technology include scalability and security and in case of AI the issues lie with privacy and trust. So a combination of these giant technologies can be carried out in order to resolve issues on both sides.

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition technology is gaining more popularity with each passing day and the trend will continue during the year 2019. This Artificial Intelligence technique is utilized for recognizing a person with the help of their digital image or the facial features pattern.

In future this technique will be improved for more reliable and accurate results and can be used for a huge variety of purposes.

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