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How To Explain Your Business Idea To The Development Team

Coming up with a good business idea is always exciting but it is not easy to communicate your passion and excitements to the people who can help you develop your idea into reality. The success of any project depended significantly on communication. If you want to pitch an idea and achieve desired results then eliminating chances of misunderstanding is crucial.  

To bring the idea to fruition you need to find a good development team and effectively communicate your vision. The journey of moving from theory to practice seems simple but if proper steps are not taken it can get pretty messy. Even small mistakes can make the project a pain in the neck.

Here are a few tips you should consider while pitching your business idea to the development team.

Make a general introduction:

The only person who is familiar with every aspect of an idea is the person who comes up with it. When you are communicating the idea you need to treat the listeners as first graders. Assume they do not know anything.

A simple and easy to comprehend introduction is necessary. It will make the development team familiar with the basics of your idea. An introduction lays the basis of a detailed pitch. The general introduction should include a basic idea of what you are offering, its specific goals, and the benefits it can offer to the target customers.

Write a business plan:

A lot of ideas sound smart and revolutionary in your mind but are not feasible in reality. The best way to communicate all the right details is to have a written plan. When you put something in writing is the best way to work out the details and highlight the main points. It also helps in keeping all the facts organized.

Dividing plan into small chunks:

It is possible for important things to get lost between the lines as the efficiency of communication can waver. Business ideas are complicated and it is not easy to communicate a detailed business plan.

The best way to make sure that you do not miss anything is to divide the plan into small chunks. The chunks make sure that you do keep the development team on track and prevent any confusion.

Dividing the idea pitch into chunks is easy. The first chunk should only include the bare essentials of the idea. Focus only on the core goals and features of what you are pitching. Communicating the essentials is an essential first step.

Use audio-visual aids:

Add some color to your presentation and you will find it easier to communicate your idea. Adding videos, graphs and images are more effective than words. Flow charts help display the necessary steps required to bring the idea to reality. Flow charts help in getting into a little more detail.

Infographics are a great addition to the presentation. They are effective in providing step by step processes of how you can achieve desired results.

Graphs and mockups should be a part of the presentation as they are memorable. You can use videos to provide a concise description of the fundamentals of the idea. Videos are easy to watch so they are much better than lengthy documents. They are a perfect way of maintaining an efficient communication process with the development team.  

Use cases:

Describing use cases helps communicate the idea to the development team. Explaining the real-world user journey makes it easier for the development team to understand the idea. It is also helpful in adding accuracy to budget and deadline estimates and find hidden obstacles.

Follow general communication rules:

Without proper communication, a business idea can fall apart pretty quickly. To succeed you need to establish a good and trustworthy relationship with the development team. If there is no trust between you and the development team then communication can get pretty sloppy which is never good for the project.

Whether you have an in-house development team or you are hiring remotely you need to make sure that they trust you and feel free to communicate any concerns and ideas they have. Patience is a good virtue for maintaining communication. Never get tired or shy away from answering any questions that the development team has. Encourage the team to ask as many questions as they can so that they can understand the idea in the best way possible.


Clarity and concision are essential traits of effective communication. When you are pitching the business idea to a development team make sure that you remember these traits. When you divide all the information regarding business ideas into small chunks make sure that you are thorough and do not miss any important details. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are pitching so that you can easily translate them into a presentation.

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