Reno Stylianou

Aalpha Information Systems India is a very professional outfit. The work was all done remotely and this is always difficult, however the experience was surprisingly less troublesome than we first envisioned. They were always ready to accommodate changes and modifications to the original specifications, and the complexity of the project turned out to be more involved than our original estimation. None-the-less Aalpha stayed true throughout the project and delivered the product the customer wanted. This has lead to a phase II being discussed with the customer and we are well down the road on this. I put this down to a happy customer who got that which was asked for.

My associates and myself would recommend Aalpha without hesitation. We plan to use them again in future projects.


About The Author

My name is Stuti Dhruv & I am senior consultant at Aalpha, primarily working on pre sales, consulting with clients on latest technology trends.