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compliance testing in software testing
12 June, 2024
Compliance Testing in Software Testing

Creating high quality software solutions is one thing. But then, every company has a set of protocols, procedures, and processes to follow. What’s more, there is a set of external laws and regulations every software solution must meet. That is why it is essential to ensure all software solutions for a specific company align with…

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iOS App Testing Checklist
30 April, 2024
iOS Application Testing Checklist

The innovation of the iPhone has had a significant impact on the smartphone and the wider tech industry at large. Today, iOS apps have a significant market share, with over 1.5 billion people using iPhones,…

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Mobile App Accessibility Testing Checklist
25 January, 2024
Mobile App Accessibility Testing Checklist

A wide range of mobile apps is available in the mobile app store on the entire mobile application market. This is why mobile app accessibility testing is one of the crucial phases mobile applications should…

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AB Testing in UX Design
22 June, 2023
UX A/B Testing : Benefits, Tools & Process

As a UX designer, your goal will always be to make a user-friendly and desirable digital product to ensure you meet the objectives of the users and that the product reaches the targeted audience. A…

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Automation Testing Best Practices
28 March, 2023
Automation Testing Best Practices for QA Professionals

While there is no doubt that human testing will always be necessary, the need for automation testing is growing. It provides several advantages for businesses and teams, including time efficiency and comprehensive coverage. So how…

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8 December, 2022
The Best Automation Testing Tools In 2024 and Beyond

The technological sector is moving at a faster pace, and more tools are flooding the market, each with a role to play. Robust tools are being built day and night, and therefore the option remains…

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Test Cases for E-commerce Website
16 February, 2022
Test Cases for eCommerce Website

By the end of 2025 the global ecommerce market size is expected to reach $7.4 Trillion, demonstrating the success of eCommerce websites that have expanded at a breakneck pace over the last several years. And…

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Guide to Automation Testing
10 February, 2022
Beginners Guide to Automation Testing

While developing software, testing helps determine if the product meets the standard requirements. It also ensures the software has no defects. You will complete this testing process using automated or manual tools at the end…

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Smoke Testing vs. Sanity Testing Difference
3 February, 2022
Smoke Testing vs. Sanity Testing -Difference

Every business has worked relentlessly to produce software that provides the best possible end-user experience to remain competitive. Regardless of the business, the drive for improved software requires a reduction in development time and cost.…

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DevOps Testing Best Practices
21 January, 2022
Devops Testing Best Practices

Firms have extensively used DevOps services to improve the quality and timeliness of software delivery. DevOps enables efficient collaboration between the development and operations teams. It enables teams to plan more effectively, communicate effectively, and…

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how to use heatmaps to improve ux
12 January, 2022
How to Use Heatmaps to Improve User Experience

The emotional or cognitive attachment of users within an application or website is a crucial question posed to every experienced developer. User experience design can be an important but tricky area and requires extensive consideration…

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31 December, 2021
eCommerce Replatforming & Website Migration Guide

eCommerce replatforming occurs when an online shop creates new technology or selects a third-party provider that delivers an updated or separate eCommerce platform. This procedure may need a transition from one third-party service to another,…

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