Test Cases for E-commerce Website
10 July, 2021
Test cases for E-commerce Website: E-Commerce Testing in 2021

By the end of 2021, the number of online purchasers is expected to exceed 2.1 billion USD, demonstrating the success of eCommerce websites that have expanded at a breakneck pace over the last several years. And because of this popularity, eCommerce website testing has evolved significantly, becoming much more complex to satisfy increasing needs and…

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unit testing vs functional testing
30 June, 2021
Unit Testing vs Functional Testing: Comparison

Any software or application testing effort should aim to provide a high-quality product. Therefore, the testing method is built based on unit and functional testing. Unit Testing vs Functional Testing: The primary distinction is as…

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software development life cycle
30 June, 2021
Software Development Life Cycle Process

You have some know-how of what a cycle. In a nonprofessional's language, we can consider a cycle as a set of repetitive processes. However, from a technical viewpoint, we can transform software development into a…

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