performance testing
6 February, 2021
Importance of Performance Testing on Applications

Performance testing hasn't been much common in the early years of building applications. However, with the daily technological advancements, tools get built to support performance testing. In the mid-'90s, most performance testing applications were up and running. It marked a start in application performance testing. But why performance testing? Currently, the rise of technology comes…

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software testing india
7 May, 2020
How to Conduct Software Testing for Continuous Delivery

In a software business set up, there is a process that involves verifying the quality, correcting any mistakes, and checking the performance capabilities. The entire process is known as software testing. The purpose of software…

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23 June, 2017
Outsourcing Software Testing/ QA and Problems Associated With It

Outsourcing Software Testing/ QA and Problems Associated With It There is confusion in software company many times that should software quality be a central competency or you should go for approach of outsourcing software testing.…

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