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User-Centered Design
27 May, 2024
User-Centered Design in Mobile App Development

The success of mobile applications depends on what target users need. Based on the functionality and features included in an app, users can either embrace the app or stay reluctant to use the app. That is why developers strive to develop applications based on user preferences. The features, functionalities, and overall outlook of an app…

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Mobile App Development Timeline
2 May, 2024
Mobile App Development Timeline

The field of mobile app development is transforming many industries. From healthcare to education, business, finance, travel & tourism, and agriculture, among many other industries, processes are now simpler and more seamless than before. Many…

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iOS App Testing Checklist
30 April, 2024
iOS Application Testing Checklist

The innovation of the iPhone has had a significant impact on the smartphone and the wider tech industry at large. Today, iOS apps have a significant market share, with over 1.5 billion people using iPhones,…

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Questions to ask before developing an app
29 April, 2024
Questions to Ask a Client When Developing a Mobile App

Mobile applications are taking a better part of our lifestyle every other day. Through such apps, it is now easy for users to connect with others, access valuable information, make purchases, and explore various forms…

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How To Hire Mobile App Developers
25 April, 2024
How To Hire Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps play big roles in shaping businesses, both startups and established businesses. In fact, users find it easy to access different services through mobile apps due to the convenience, reliability, and flexibility mobile apps…

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What Is FlutterFlow
15 March, 2024
What Is FlutterFlow : Top Features, Advantages & Challenges

Mobile app development processes have been simplified and digitalized thanks to the rise of revolutionary tools and technologies that keep emerging. Developers can now spend less time and resources developing a highly interactive app with…

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Mobile App Localization
19 February, 2024
Mobile App Localization : All You Need to Know

The digital age has made smartphones to become ubiquitous. App developers are building mobile apps that serve as the core base for businesses in engaging with their users. Many developers perceive that building the app…

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Mobile App Accessibility Testing Checklist
25 January, 2024
Mobile App Accessibility Testing Checklist

A wide range of mobile apps is available in the mobile app store on the entire mobile application market. This is why mobile app accessibility testing is one of the crucial phases mobile applications should…

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Pharmacy App Development
12 August, 2023
Pharmacy Delivery App Development: Cost & Features

Every day, people's lives get more comfortable and convenient due to the development of healthcare applications. Healthcare supplies may now be obtained easily online from the comfort of one's own home. Online pharmacy app development…

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Intermittent Fasting App Development
8 July, 2023
Intermittent Fasting App Development: Guide

The healthcare industry is growing technologically thanks to technological implementations such as developing healthcare applications. With the growing need for healthy lifestyles, apps are under development, spanning different healthcare sectors. For instance, intermittent fasting is…

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AI Business to Start with ChatGPT
6 July, 2023
Best AI Business to Start with ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence has resulted in radical changes in the business industries in recent years, and businesses are exploring the potential of AI to improve their operations, automate tasks and provide better customer experience. The outstanding…

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Bike Rental App Development
19 June, 2023
Bike Rental App Development : Cost and Process

There are many reasons why a person would opt for a bike for transport services and not a car. With the taxi apps that have brought a significant impact on the transport sector, there has…

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