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React and Rxjs
12 March, 2024
React and Rx.js : Best Practices

The software development industry keeps on advancing, thanks to the ever-evolving technologies, tools, libraries, and other resources. As the industry trends take new twists, developers often find it hard to solve complex logic, manage concurrency events, and deal with asynchronous events. Especially in JavaScript development, the big issue has always been dealing with asynchronicity. Nowadays,…

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webassembly vs javascript
8 March, 2024
Webassembly vs JavaScript : Which is Better?

Two powerful technologies are shaping the future of online applications and experiences. The two are WebAssembly and JavaScript. WebAssembly, introduced in 2017, represents a binary instruction format promising high performance and efficient compilation for web…

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Migrating from Angular to React
22 January, 2024
How to Migrate from Angular to React in 2024

Observing businesses and developers switch from one framework to another is simpler because various JavaScript frameworks undergo regular updates. These changes derive from the said frameworks' improved features. React, and Angular are the frameworks experiencing…

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Best Back-End Programming Languages
8 January, 2024
Best Back-End Programming Languages 2024 and Beyond

From building a single web application to developing the most complex software systems, developers and programmers need to adopt their chosen languages. They have to point out programming languages that best suit them regardless of…

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Advantages of MERN Stack
17 August, 2023
Advantages of MERN Stack Development

To develop applications, you'll require a collection of disparate technologies. The market for online and mobile applications is growing at a breakneck pace. There is perpetual debate about which stack is the best for developing…

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Svelte vs NextJS Comparison
11 August, 2023
Svelte vs. NextJS Comparison

During the last several years, the business world has been more committed to adopting the SaaS paradigm, which refers to the commercial model often used by cloud-based open-source technologies. For example, Next.js and Gatsby, both…

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micro frontend architecture best practices
14 June, 2023
Micro Frontend Architecture and Best Practices

Micro Frontend is a frontend web development technique based on Microservice Testing. The current tendency is to develop a robust and feature-rich web application on Microservice architecture. Over time, the Micro Frontend Architecture becomes integrated…

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Svelte vs React Comparison
31 May, 2023
Svelte vs. React Comparison

React, and Svelte are two frontend JavaScript frameworks that enable developers to create web apps efficiently. Stack Overflow's 2021 developer poll has to React in the top rank for web frameworks, but Svelte has a…

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Next.js vs. Nest.js
29 May, 2023
Difference Between Next.js vs. Nest.js 2024

JavaScript has become the standard language for building reliable and engaging online apps in the fast-paced field of web development. However, as the need for adaptable and efficient online services continues to rise, developers commonly…

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Angular SEO Best Practices
2 May, 2023
Angular SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for all online applications, including Angular, as it directly influences how visible and discoverable your web pages are in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO helps adjust your website…

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difference between angular and typescript
9 November, 2022
Key Difference Between Angular and Typescript

For most front-end developers, Angular is likely a well-known web application development framework. We must pick between AngularJS and other versions to utilize Angular in our project. In 2009, AngularJS was invented. It enables bidirectional…

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Difference Between jQuery and Ajax
29 June, 2022
Difference Between jQuery and Ajax

Ajax and jQuery are two online programming languages designed to provide an environment that is user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing on websites. The primary distinction between Ajax and jQuery is that jQuery is more of…

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